Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Who Is Wilky?
A First and foremost I'm a passionate family man, a husband with two kids, based in Monk Bretton, Barnsley, who would love to see his kids have the same opportunity and interests in following The Reds as I have.

I'm a Barnsley fanatic who first visited Oakwell in August 1976. Since then I was hooked.

Web Development and helping all types of business take full advantage of New Media and Social Network Opportunities are also my obsession.

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Q What Is This Blog All About?
A Apart from the short but obvious response, it's an opportuntity for me to have the occasional rant, record my feelings and sometimes have a chuckle at the things I see, hear or am told about the football club we all love.

From an initial dozen of postings in May 2008, the bug bit me and now you will probably find me posting two or three new articles per week, maybe more.

Now and in the future, I want to grow this site and it's community further, from how it appears today as one person's single perspective on events at Barnsley FC to the views and the thoughts of many more fans through the podcast, articles, regular contributors, commentators or other media that could be included.

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Q How Can I Become A Regular Contributor?
A Contributing to the site does not necessarily require that you write new articles to this blog, however I would be delighted to bring on board other supporters of Barnsley FC who enjoy writing, whether the results are purely factual i.e. Match Reports or Transfer News or are completely farcical and humorous.

You could literally write anything within reason, you could take a tongue in cheek view of the opposition or write entire fictional "soap opera" including characters who might be based on Barnsley FC characters. Use your imagination - you decide!

Firstly, > Submit Your Article.

This first submission will act as a sample of your work and will be moderated / reviewed. Presently, on this blog, there is room for at least 100 separate writers / contributors. Each will be given a unique ID and Password to post directly to the site for future submissions.

Alternatively, just contact me > Click Here and let me know how you want to contribute.

Q Can My Business Advertise On This Site?
A Yes, absolutely, please support this site!

There are presently various advertsing styles/positions on all pages (including the Home Page) of

Momentarily, many of these positions are served by third-party advertising via affiliate partners of Unless space is currently reserved for (direct) client advertising, space for your business can usually be accomodated for any term and/or period.

Full artwork can be created for businesses or organisations of all sizes. To discuss your requirements, please contact me > Click Here

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