February 2014

This Saturday, the Reds head to the John Smith's stadium for the second time in 12 months with their championship survival very much part of the agenda once again.

Terriers' boss Mark Robins has carefully constructed a team that is capable of challenging at the other of the table; whilst his counterpart Danny Wilson is still is still looking for a consistent run of results to ensure that the Reds will earn the right to remain in this division.

Over the last several weeks there has been much to indicate that Barnsley have got the nerve and the talent to succeed once more. Players like loanee Jack Hunt (formerly of Huddersfield), Jim O’ Brien, Dale Jennings and even Martin Cranie have all excelled in recent matches and should take some credit for lifting the performances of many more around them.

In your opinion, who has been the most outstanding performer lately for Barnsley?

Perhaps there may be some residual goodwill. The last encounter on the final day of the season will live long in the memories of both sets of fans, but unlike the famous advertisements of their stadium sponsor, both dugouts will be expecting an immediate no-nonsense start.

For Huddersfield Town, they must still a faint hope that when it comes down to the final series of fixtures they can still be shooting for a play-off place. For Danny's boys, a positive result will not fix the entire season, nor will a negative outcome completely destroy it. However, it will set the platform up for both going into a very tough March schedule, following the International break.

Can Nick Proschwitz add to his tally of three goals in just four games, a feat that had taken him many more games at Hull City to achieve or will Chris O'Grady be the dominant partner?

Bristling from their recent derby day defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, I'm confident that Huddersfield will be going all out for victory. Maybe Barnsley can take some solace in that James Vaughan, the influential Joel Lynch and general "pain in the arse” Jon Stead are all looking likely to miss out. But make no mistake; they’re a very dangerous proposition despite these changes.

Had he remained at Oakwell, do you wonder if the Mark Robins' inspired Huddersfield represent the kind of team that Barnsley might have been? None of us will ever know the true answer. But what we do know is that his influence will still have an impact on the shape of our future when five bells chime on Saturday teatime.

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