April 2009
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This week, we spoke about the latest rumours and news out of Oakwell, plus we took time out to comment on the latest events on the field, particularly the Reds' latest encounter versus Wolves.

Did you agree with the Player of the Year award? Our panel provide their feedback.

We also speculate about what this Sunday's fixture against Plymouth Argyle really means. If they stay up, what changes might need to be made, or alternatively, what will life mean to the Reds in League One?

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Yorkshire Post: 29 April 2009

BARNSLEY owner Patrick Cryne has warned Sheffield United to prepare for a legal battle over Iain Hume – even if his club is not relegated to League One.

Cryne is adamant that Barnsley have a case against the Blades as a result of the challenge by defender Chris Morgan that fractured Hume's skull five months ago.

Lawyer Maurice Watkins, who, ironically, represented West Ham United against the Blades in the 'Carlos Tevez affair', is advising Barnsley and 17 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion calling on the Football Association to take action against Morgan.

The Blades won compensation in the region of £25m from West Ham after proving that Tevez, who was signed illegally, played a key role in their relegation from the Premier League two years ago.

Hume's absence is a major reason why Barnsley are in danger of the drop although a point from Sunday's final game of the season at Plymouth Argyle will be enough to preserve their Championship status.

Cryne, who sanctioned the £1.2m signing of Hume from Leicester City last summer, said: "We are looking at the legal hurdles in the way of seeking to recover damages from Sheffield United. Our action will not be dependent on whether we are relegated.

"Our argument is, simply, that we paid a lot of money for Iain Hume in transfer fee and wages and we have lost his services through a violent, reckless, or intentional act. His loss to Barnsley FC had a serious impact on our season."

Outlining his frustration at the existing laws, Cryne revealed that Barnsley may have no option but to launch a test case at the Court of Appeal.

"The law is absurd in this area and precedent is against one employer suing another because the employee of one has inflicted damage on the employee of another," he said.

"If a Sheffield United player had recklessly damaged our property, we could have sued them with a strong prospect of success. The precedent for property being considered more important than people dates back to the days of slavery and has never been changed.

"To be successful, we would probably have to ask the High Court for leave to have the case heard by the Court of Appeal or House of Lords in order to overcome the case precedents. We could take a test case and try to change the law. That could open the floodgates."

The Football Association's inability to take action against Morgan, ironically a former Barnsley player, has been a major source of anger and disappointment at Oakwell.

Club officials have explicit footage of the challenge, in which Hume is struck on the head by Morgan's right elbow, but FIFA rules will only allow retrospective action in cases where a referee failed to spot and punish an offence. Andy D'Urso, the official in charge, booked Morgan for the challenge.

"It's an absurdity that the FA cannot punish this offence because it has, apparently, been dealt with at the time," said Cryne. "It is perverse that we can not re-visit an event of this seriousness, even with the benefit of modern technology.

"This is not a witch-hunt against Chris Morgan," he stressed. "But it was a serious offence. The game has to have consistency in the way a foul on the field of play is punished."

Should Barnsley be relegated this weekend, the implications of Hume's absence will be even greater as Barnsley set about trimming budgets for life in League One.

Cryne, however, does not agree with the idea of blaming other clubs for loss of income in the manner that the Blades pursued compensation from West Ham.

"I am not sure the Sheffield United route on Tevez is something we would be interested in following," he said. "We would not blame Iain Hume's loss for relegation but we would seek compensation for that loss. I don't believe you can 100 per cent blame Carlos Tevez for Sheffield United's relegation. We won't go down that route because I think it would be quite wrong. They had it in their own hands.

"We have lost money and we have lost an important player," he said. "It is the financial loss of not being able to call upon a £1m player and the costs we have had to pay on his replacements (that matters)."

Canadian international Hume has now returned to full training with Barnsley, but doctors are unable to offer any guarantees that he will able to play competitive football again.

"Until that happens, you don't know if the psychological and physical damage will make him any less of a player than before," said Cryne. "He wants to play again and is training hard to achieve that goal. All the doctors can say now is that it is expected to have healed before the start of next season."

It is understood that Hume is also considering a civil action against Morgan, depending on the extent of his losses.

"At the moment, he is still being paid his wages and has only lost out on bonuses," said Cryne.

"If he never gets back from his injury, he would take action for sure, because he would have lost his career. In that case, he would be likely to win."

Sheffield United were unavailable for comment last night.

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Barnsley defender Bobby Hassell believes Simon Davey's side will have themselves to blame if they are relegated on the final day of the season.

The Tykes travel to Home Park on Sunday to take on Plymouth Argyle, who may need to avoid defeat themselves to guarantee survival, and Hassell was in no doubt about his side's failings after Saturday's 1-1 draw with champions Wolves.

Hassell said: "That was definitely two points dropped. Being 1-0 up at 85 minutes you have to close a game out and that's been our Achilles heel for the last five or six games.

"We're not learning from our mistakes. We're dropping deep as a team and, inevitably, teams keep getting one chance and keep sticking it in the back of the net against us.

"We now have a massive game and we need to go to Plymouth and pick up three points. We have approached games really well and have been 1-0 up in the last four of five games, but then panic sets in because you know you're five minutes from safety."

Hassell added: "We've dropped 10 points in our last seven games, so if we go down we only have ourselves to blame, definitely."

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It's probably going to take some time to collect my "real" thoughts, but far from a disaster (it could have been), that was a Barnsley performance.

Wolves deserved nothing from today's encounter. Each Red shirt stood up to the task, and in my opinion - so did the fans. It was electric for 90+ minutes.

So, where does this leave us?

Norwich play a difficult game away on Monday at Reading, most Reds fans will be watching. But with a dicky goal average, a win or at the very least a draw at Plymouth is now essential.

If Simon Davey and the squad ought to be credited with today's performance, it has to be said, "the same again lads!".

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Norman Rimmington - Barnsley LegendMick McCarthy
Wolves boss Mick McCarthy always gets a hero’s welcome in Barnsley but Tykes legend Norman Rimmington will be especially pleased to see him, as Tim Nash explains.

Mention the name Norman Rimmington to Wolves fans and you’re likely to get a puzzled look.

But the man who helped launch Mick McCarthy’s career warns Wolves had better hold on to him – because he’s going to the very top.

Rimmington has been a fixture at opponents Barnsley for more than 60 years.

Now 85, the stalwart described by Sir Alex Ferguson as “more famous than me!” has seen them come and go as goalkeeper, coach, physio and kit manager at Oakwell.

But he’s never seen anyone quite like Wolves boss McCarthy, who can lead his side to the title by avoiding defeat at his home-town club.

Rimmington said: “I’m 85 now and I might not be around to see it, but I hope and pray he’ll go from strength to strength.

“Potentially, Mick has the ability to go right to the top. He’s had a tremendous career up to now and I only hope what he’s done at Wolves carries on.

“I don’t know the chairman at Wolves but I do know he couldn’t possibly have a better manager.

“I remember when I was younger and Wolves were THE team in the country with Stan Cullis and Billy Wright, so I’m delighted to see them back where they should be.

“Wolves is a huge club with the history and the crowds to be right up there.

“Mick will achieve bigger things – whether with Wolves or not.

“So far, he’s achieved things with lower league signings. That might not be enough, but if he scouts in the Premier League, he’ll go from strength to strength.

Advancing years and cancer of the bladder have slowed him down slightly, but for his age, Rimmington’s remains sprightly and younger looking than his eight-and-a-half decades suggest.

Despite concerns about his own health, Rimmington was more bothered about McCarthy’s back in January.

He revealed the Wolves boss feared for his job during the run of one win in 11.

The 85-year-old said: “When he flew back from a training camp in La Manga early to appear at a charity appearance at the Lamp Room Theatre here, the place was packed out.

“He spent the whole of the interval with me. I got worried because they (Wolves) were having a bit of a wobble and he said he might be sacked.”

McCarthy’s fears weren’t realised as Wolves picked up their form and went on to seal automatic promotion.

As Rimmington reveals, the 50-year-old’s renowned level-headed approach has its roots at Oakwell after he was saved from a life down the pit.

Rimmington reckons the leadership qualities McCarthy became renowned for didn’t take long to shine through.

He recalled: “I first met him when he was 16 – he was going to go down the pit to be an apprentice electrician. I hadn’t had him six weeks when I realised he was going right to the top.

“He knew where he wanted to be – even though he was a bit impatient to get there – but he wanted it so much.

“I made him head lad of the apprentices and he knocked them into shape. Then from there, he got into the under-18 team.

“He was soon taking all the throw-ins and free-kicks and I had to curb him because he wanted to do everything.

“The youth team only used to train Tuesdays and Thursdays, but he used to come back at night and train – and we didn’t have any lights over the training pitch then!

“At the time, we only had five apprentices and the rest were made up of lads who worked, but Mick just wanted to bring everyone together.

“Then when he got into the reserves, he wanted to do everything for them too!

“Jim Iley was manager at the time and he didn’t take to him and Mick said ‘he’ll have me out’.

“But then Allan Clarke took over and straight away he said what a great lad Mick was and I remember saying “not half!”

“In my opinion, Mick was a great centre-half – his concentration and his heading were superb. He never did anything fancy – he’d just win it and give it to the full-back – but I never used to panic about him if he was left one against one because I always knew he would sort it out.

“He was never dirty, but he was very aggressive. No one could beat him in the air and his tackling was superb too.”

The pair have kept in touch ever since McCarthy’s early days as a player at Oakwell.

And while there is little surprise to the characteristics Rimmington trots out when talking about McCarthy’s traits, there is also a glimpse of a thoroughly decent bloke.

The 85-year-old said: “He’s a lovely lad, but he won’t suffer fools. He’s honest and he speaks his mind – but he’s a Yorkshire lad, even though he’s Irish!

“He believes in honesty and hard work, anyone dealing with him won’t go far wrong if they’re the same. As a person, I haven’t met any better.

“He’s very thoughtful – he always asks how my wife Jessie is. He’s a wonderful person and they’re a wonderful family.

“I knew his father well and he used to wave at me as he drove his bus picking up disabled people. I also knew his brothers John and Kevin – Mick used to hammer Kevin because he was as good as him but he wasn’t as dedicated.

“I think he puts a front on – his bark is louder than his bite, because I used to say to him ‘Tha’s as soft as a brush!’

“He can stand his ground but I don’t think he ever wants to appear as a big head or rough because he’s never been that type.”

Rimmington revealed McCarthy took his responsibilities very seriously from a young age.

He recalled: “He was never one to be chasing around after women or drinking. He met Fiona (his wife) and that was it. I remember we went to Miami under Norman Hunter and he rang Fiona every day – we couldn’t get him off the phone.

“He’s also a staunch Catholic and he had to go to church wherever we played.”

Rimmington smiles as he recalls plenty of McCarthy’s grit and determination.

He said: “He’s always been so confident – if we went away before a match, you could see him grow in stature – he’d puff his chest out and the confidence would just ooze out of him.

“He never lacked confidence in any company.”

McCarthy’s sometimes confrontational nature has left him open to the odd dissenting voice.

Rimmington added: “I can’t remember any confrontations off the pitch, but there was one time after a defeat at Southend where he interrupted Allan Clarke and he fined him £100.

“David Speedie told Allan “you can’t do that” and so it went on with Dave and Mick having a go. In the end, they both got fined and when it came to drawing his wages, Speedie only had £11.

“David ended up being transferred to Darlington for £5,000. He had a right ding-dong against Newcastle – one of their players went for the ball with his head down and Mick kicked him in the head. The Newcastle boss Arthur Cox called Mick an assassin!

“I remember when we played Liverpool in the League Cup semi-final and Mick was marking Kenny Dalglish.

Rimmington said: “Mick turned said, ‘You’ve been moaning all match and now I’m going to give you something to moan about!’

“We went to Marbella under Allan Clarke after we won promotion and were 3-0 up against this team and we were supposed to having a banquet with them afterwards.

“But they started getting stuck into us and Mick came over to the dug-out, asking Allan ‘can I volley this ****** because he’s spitting on me?’

“Allan said ‘yes’ and so he did. Then Speedie was sent off and all hell broke loose – we never got the chance to go to the banquet.”

Rimmington also reflected on how a stubborn trait put McCarthy at odds with his adoring Barnsley public.

He said: “Mick also used to like to pass the ball back to the goalkeepers when keepers could pick it up.

“The fans behind the goal were on at him, so he did it even more – and gestured to them as well!”

McCarthy is guaranteed a warm reception tomorrow too, but this time it’s his turn to give his outcome.

Rimmington said: “My heart says Barnsley, but I want Mick to be successful. They (fans) idolise him here – but I think they think more of him for what he’s done than when he was a player here.”

It promises to be an intriguing encounter as, according to Rimmington, it’s McCarthy’s turn to buy the cigars.
The Football League has moved swiftly in order to fully assess, make their decision and rule on the Un-Saintly activity at St Mary's Stadium.

Today, the Football League have announced that Southampton Football Club will indeed be deducted 10 points. A decision which effectively brings relegation to the South Coast club and life next season in League One. Incidentally, this will be their lowest league position since 1960 and a world away from a team who had starred next to Arsenal in an FA Cup Final as recently as 2003.

What does this mean in relation to their final two fixtures and for Barnsley FC?

Championship-Relegation-Places-April2009As I understand the situation, it now becomes as essential for Southampton to finish outside of the relegation places this season, as much as it would have done before. Ending up in the bottom three will mean that a 10 point deduction will be applied next season, effectively ending any chance they might have for a rebound back to the Championship.

Southampton have to face Burnley and Forest, the latter being of particular importance to Barnsley FC. An incentive for Southampton is there. The Football League have ruled, a decision which I would now expect is irreversible. They now have to rescue the best outcome they can.

Forest must face Blackpool away - before their final game at home to the Saints and by no stretch are Forest out of the mix.

Although not related to the events at Southampton, it's worth also pointing out that Norwich face a difficult home game against Reading before travelling to a recently more effective Charlton.

With Plymouth away at QPR this weekend before taking on the Reds at home, Paul Sturrock's men are not out of it either. This weekend may decide that factor.

Will Southampton be fighting for their future? Are Charlton playing for more than just their pride? Both clubs will have an influence on the outcome for Barnsley Football Club.

The fat lady is just clearing her throat...

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According to FillYourBoots.co.uk Barnsley face an almost impossible task, as this weekend the Reds meet the team most likely to crowned champions of our league. Read their article below.

Thanks to their inability to win, Barnsley are entrenched in the relegation scrap and will be done no favours when they host Wolves on Saturday, the Premier League’s newest member.

The Yorkshiremen have only one once in their last 11 and while they are not getting beaten every week, draws may not be enough to keep them in the Championship.

A point was all that was gained at Coventry on Tuesday with a stoppage time Elliott Ward penalty cancelling Tykes’ forward Daniel Bogdanovic’s ninth minute strike, a turn of events that left Barnsley manager Simon Davey furious.

Steven Cook, officiating in just his second Championship game, awarded the penalty for a handball by defender Bobby Hassell.

But Davey insisted the ball hit the 28-year-old on the chest and bemoaned the fact such an inexperienced referee was in charge of a game with so much riding on it.

Afterwards, Coventry boss Chris Coleman backed Davey to keep the Oakwell unit up but for that to happen they may have to score more than once in a game, something the Tykes have only managed 11 times this year.

It could be a good time to play Wolves, though, as the Black Country outfit are bound to be thinking about their new home in the top flight.

Wanderers cemented promotion with a 1-0 win over manager-less QPR on Saturday with goal machine Sylvan Ebanks-Blake netting his 25th of the campaign.

The Old Gold suffered a mid-season blip but have come strong in the last couple of months, suffering a just solitary defeat in nine, against midland rivals Birmingham.

Succeeding in the top division is a different animal, but ex-wolf and Sky Sports co-commentator Andy Gray believes Mick McCarthy can establish the Molineux men in the Premier League, though they may need defensive reinforcements in order to compete at that level.

Wolves’ jubilations are unlikely to have been tamed just yet and Barnsley may be able to take advantage by getting a win that would go a long way to ensuring they are still a Championship club next season.

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OnThePontyEnd-The-PodcastBarnsley Fans, Isn't it time we had a chat together?

This week, OnThePontyEnd.com introduces both Mick Lewis and Paul Wilkinson to the forum.

Both are avid fans of Barnsley Football Club, both fellas count themselves as lifelong supporters of the Reds. (Maybe you can also remember the January steam! - Mick explains!). I can assure you, it wasn't a promotion push in most cases.

Last night, just before the Coventry game, we talked about the situation Barnsley FC currently occupy, but also the permanent place the club has always played in their lives.

We also talk about the highs and lows of being a Reds fan this season.

Who's your Player of the season? Mick and Paul offer up their favourites. Is Simon Davey the right man to lead the Reds? Find out what our panel thought.

Right here, we discuss our opinions on the season so far, it's potential end and beyond.

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KesThought I ought to pass this one on.

Published in a blog on film-making, appeared an excerpt originally released by Barnsley's official website as an "April Fool".

It concerns and I quote: "Barnsley will pioneer a Football League initiative whereby their players and managers will wear microphones wired up to the Oakwell PA system as part of an anti-swearing campaign."

However, this begins to take on a different tone as the writer (does a quick Wiki) and muses further on Barnsley and it's people.

"Barnsley is in Yorkshire, in the north of England, and is a traditional old mining town. Not much mining there these days ... but I’m sure the rough and ready traditions of swearing continues unaltered!

"Might be worth looking at the web sites of Barnsley FC and the Football League to find out more - and see whether I could work something similar into our campaign."

WTF ??

It got me thinking. Okay, maybe this was originally an "April Fool", that has been misconstrued massively and then seemingly re-written out of concept in a new post. But let's take a compliment when we receive one.

It is recognised that "In the rough and ready tradition", we're professional swearists!

I call on you Reds, remain unaltered. Come Saturday, let them Yam-Yam's have it with both barrels.

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Manager Simon Davey backed his players to beat the drop after they ground out a hard-earned goalless draw at Reading.

The Tykes' winless run extended to six games but Davey is confident his men will be playing their football in the Coca-Cola Championship again next term.

He said: "We know what we have to do and we have four* games to do it. We know what points tally we need and this is another point towards it.

"This is a confidence-booster. The performance was good, the resilience was good and everybody was mucking in and working hard.

"I always have been confident of staying up, from day one of pre-season, and my players are exactly the same."
*(Quote taken from Virgin Media Sports) - Might I just add that the Reds have just three games left - I hope that this allows us to reach that points tally Simon has.  SITE ADMIN

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A goalless display at the Madejski Stadium, where Luke Steele who was recalled in place of Heinz Muller.

The Reds, now without an away success since their South Yorkshire derby win at Sheffield Wednesday in mid-February, had one effort on target in the opening 45 minutes when Adam Hammill shot straight at Reading stopper Marcus Hahnemann but failed to test the Royals' defence in the second half.

Simon Davey's side remain in a perilous position, four places off the bottom of the standings and without a win in six games.

Brothers Noel and Stephen Hunt combined after three minutes, but the latter could only head over for the promotion-chasing hosts.

Anderson De Silva's right-footed volley from 25 yards drifted wide before Jon Macken fluffed a shot from 12 yards for the visitors.

Noel Hunt headed over from recalled strike partner Kitson's cross before Tabb's left-footed shot from the right edge of the area was well saved by Steele, who was making his eighth appearance of the season.

Kitson, who has netted once in six games since returning on loan from Stoke, failed to convert Stephen Hunt's corner after mis-hitting his shot from 12 yards.

Hammill then could not test Hahnemann from 20 yards as the Reading goalkeeper made a comfortable save before Andre Bikey headed over from six yards at the other end after Stephen Hunt's free-kick and Tabb was off target with a header from Kebe's cross.

Hahnemann saved De Silva's close-range effort and Liam Rosenior, back from suspension, shot wide early in the second period.

Kitson headed straight at Steele and then headed over as Reading were again frustrated in attack.

De Silva shot wide from a free-kick before Tabb was again denied by Steele and Shane Long headed over from Jem Karacan's cross.

Kebe volleyed over from six yards and Steele made a straightforward save from Kitson as Reading struggled in front of goal once more.

Andranik Teymourian shot wide three times from long range at the other end and Kitson saw another header saved by Steele as the game ended in a stalemate.

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Simon Davey has admitted he's had a goalkeeping headache ahead of today's Championship clash with Reading.

Regular starter Heinz Muller has been guilty of two uncharacteristic mistakes which denied the Reds victory against Watford and contributed to defeat against Swansea.
And although the German shot-stopper has had a fine season between the posts, Barnsley boss Davey might decide to give former Manchester United keeper Luke Steele the chance to shine.

"Both keepers have travelled with us to Reading, it's a difficult decision for me who I'm going to play," admitted Davey

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I'll keep this brief, whilst being controversial at the same time? This is entirely speculation of course, from a source!!
  • Davey will not be Manager next season, regardless of our outcome!
  • JCR will not play against Reading!
Now, that begs the questions; Who are the team playing for? And why are our best players not being given an opportunity to help the squad?

Something's wrong at the Reds and despite the "Unity" posters, there is a capable squad there who seem as though they have resigned on our faith and are now disappearing. WTF?

There's a credit crunch on, over the entire world. Unless you are playing for Chelsea or Man City - YOU ARE NOT EXCLUDED! It's a privilege and an honour to represent any team at professional level, but come on lads now, this IS Barnsley and you must know what that means.

For your own integrity, play the fookin' game and get us the points we need.

Apart from the Club, when Steve Chettle opens his gob, do people in Barnsley really listen?

Now Reds, go and make yourselves heroes!! You know why? When the dust settles, when you lose your place in the side / or any side - you become just another man. What YOU do next - will be remembered for a long while to come.

EG - Ian Woan anyone? Reputations mean nothing in Barnsley, unless they were earned here!

The latest episode of the 'Coca-Cola' Football League podcast is available to download now from The Football League website, iTunes and Coke Zone.

This week Mark Clemmit is joined by the former Sheriff of Norwich and current Canaries boss Bryan Gunn, who reveals which certain Sir he used to babysit for, as well as looking at his sides' battle to beat the drop.

Colchester defender and Socceroo star Chris Coyne looks back on what has been a turbulent season for the U's, while Chesterfield's guitar maestro and Manager Lee Richardson reveals the key to his side's recent form and it has nothing to do with football!

Clem also catches up with Ian Holloway who explains what's keeping him busy away from football!

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Between now and the end of the season the Coca-Cola Football League Podcast will feature all 72 League clubs, so make sure you listen to the show this week and every week.

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Barnsley assistant boss Ryan Kidd believes the side need to win two out of their remaining four games if they are to stay up.

The home defeat to Swansea has left Barnsley in a perilous position at the wrong end of the table with just goal difference keeping them out of the bottom three and Kidd admitted morale in the camp is low.

He said: "It is hugely disappointing and very demoralising. Losing 3-1 on your home patch at any point in the season is not great and we needed a win today.

"The first 10 minutes were massively important. It was important for us to get off to a good start, which we didn't do.

"I thought we played some decent stuff in the first half and we had far more possession just no end product.

"The decision-making is poor and you can see we are low on confidence.

"We probably have to win at least two of our remaining games to survive."

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Maybe like a lot of other fans at the moment, regular away support can't always be justified, due to it's cost at present. That's my predicament at the moment.

I suppose that's why days - just like today become even harder. Two minutes left to a glorious three points and unfortunately the Reds become unstuck once more due to a late equaliser. Elsewhere at the City Ground, Forest beat an impressive Bristol City.

Whilst not lost for words, I could only do one thing and that was to take close attention to my lawn; which after a few hours of applied graft is now likely to qualify for staging at least one test of the Ashes series.

On reflection now, how do I feel?

Still nervous, Murphy's law is still operating. Frustrated at times - but still have an unswathing faith that the right outcome will be arrived at. Happier times will be ahead. Providing I can get rid of those persistent broad leaf weeds.

Oh, and on my beloved Barnsley Football Club. It's just as we were. Every game is a cup-tie and they always have been. I just hope from a mathematical point of view, we can ensure that we're bringing woes upon everybody else come Monday.

Swansea's play-off dream could spark or die at Oakwell.. and anyway, I can't justify the petrol being used again on a lawn that gave me so much therapy on Saturday.

Come on you Reds!

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Barnsley's Jamal Campbell-Ryce jumped before he was pushed in relinquishing the penalty-taking duties, manager Simon Davey has revealed.

Initially, JCR missed a spot kick in the 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest - one which Andranik Teymourian seemed determined to keep, before having a tame effort from 12 yards saved on Tuesday night.

The 26-year-old has scored eight times this season, but he will no longer be stepping up to the spot after three successes from five penalty attempts.

"Jamal has taken himself off penalty duty," Simon Davey has told the club's official website.

"He made the decision the other night before we had the chance to talk to him."

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Barnsley will be playing in front of a packed and likely to be hostile crowd at Vicarage Road this Saturday.

According to Watford's official site, their 'kids for a quid' and reduced general admission prices has meant they are now sold out in all home areas.

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League Two strugglers Grimsby have handed a trial to Barnsley Football Club's 20-year-old goalkeeper Kyle Letheren.

Previously, Kyle had been on-loan at Doncaster but failed to break into Sean O'Driscoll's side at the Keepmoat Stadium.

The Welsh under-21 international is now set to train with Mike Newell's side who have been looking to bolster their goalkeeping options.

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A fourth successive league win for Sheffield United was almost overshadowed by a fracas that saw the Blades manager, Kevin Blackwell, and his Barnsley counterpart, Simon Davey, in groups that were forced apart by police as a full-blooded South Yorkshire derby ended in explosive fashion at Bramall Lane.

The Sheffield side were indebted to two on-loan players after closing the gap again on second-placed Birmingham to three points in the Coca-Cola Championship's race for automatic promotion with a 2-1 win over their relegation-threatened opponents.

John Joe O'Toole, on loan from Watford, scrambled home his first goal for the club in the 81st minute and the Italian striker Arturo Lupoli, of Arsenal, guided home a second five minutes later.

Barnsley were awarded a last-minute penalty after Greg Halford handled but Paddy Kenny kept out Jamal Campbell-Ryce's kick before tempers erupted on the touchline and Daniel Bogdanovic did score for Barnsley.

Davey, who is convinced his side will again avoid relegation, said: "It was nothing really. I was disappointed with the multi-ball system. That was the issue.

"When Sheffield United scored their first goal all the balls disappeared. We had 24 when we were drawing and then there's one ball in the stadium when we're losing the game.

"I spoke to the referee and there were words exchanged but it's nothing."

Blackwell, who refused to comment on the police's intervention, said: "I thought they wanted more time and I thought: 'Where's he going with this?' But I don't control the multi-ball system and it never went missing. I don't know what he's on about."

Blackwell added it was "another big win" for his side with five games left to play. "Tonight they [the top two] were looking and it's 0-0 with 70-odd minutes to go and then two goals go in, so psychologically they know that Sheffield United are chasing them.

"The lads have shown terrific spirit to chase them down because at one point Wolves were 14 points ahead, so to be as close as we are now is terrific credit to this side."

Blackwell hailed his captain, Chris Morgan, as "fantastic" for his performance. The derby clash had been given extra spice in the build-up following events in the league encounter at Oakwell in November. The Barnsley striker Iain Hume spent a night in the high-dependency unit of a Manchester Hospital with a fractured skull after being elbowed in the head by Morgan.

Blackwell said: "He was fantastic. Accidents happen. Nobody ever goes out to deliberately hurt anyone."

Davey added: "The referee handled the game really well.

"There's been a lot of talk in the press leading up to the game but I felt the players from both sides and the referee [Grant Hegley] handled it very well."

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The Football League Board today considered the position of Southampton Football Club.

The League announced on Tuesday that it is sending in forensic accountants to get to the bottom of the legal and financial labyrinth at St Mary's stadium "as a matter of urgency".

The Board will reconvene once that report is available.

Sam Green at the Telegraph has made his opinion clear, in that Southampton are trying to exploit a loophole, plain and simple. That cannot be allowed.

Whatever the outcome, for the time being, survival remains in Barnsley's own hands. I'm sure all Reds fans will be following events at Saint Mary's closely over the coming weeks.

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This week's Four-Four-Two have added their voice to recognise the debacle which saw Arsenal promoted to the top flight over our dear Barnsley FC in 1919.

In an amusing article, making their comparison to recent news that MEP, Roger Helmer, is lobbying to re-write historical records. Four Four Two reckons footballing history might be re-written for Barnsley the following way.
What might have happened next - Instead of having to wait 78 years for Danny Wilson, Barnsley are promoted to the top flight. After appointing unemployed former Leeds City secretary-manager Herbert Chapman, they win the FA Cup followed by three consecutive league titles.

Read the original 1919 article here

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Ahead of tonights Derby clash between the Reds at the Blunts, Kevin Blackwell becomes the next manager to refer back to the Iain Hume incident.

Blackwell is fuming MP's are sticking their noses in on football matters.
He said: "The MP's should be keeping their noses out, its got nothing to do with them. It was an accident and I agree with Rob Kozluk that accidents happen in football."

He said: "We would be barking up the wrong tree if we let it affect the game. Everybody's only concern should be that Iain gets back playing."

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Barnsley manager Simon Davey and Nottingham Forest counterpart Billy Davies engaged in a vicious war of words after a tense 1-1 Coca-Cola Championship relegation battle at Oakwell.

Davey accused Davies of almost bringing the game into disrepute for comments he made prior to the game when he suggested his struggling Forest side needed to develop a nasty streak.

The Forest chief cited Sheffield United defender Chris Morgan - whose elbow on Iain Hume last season left the Tykes striker with a fractured skull and put his career in serious threat - as an example for his men to follow.

The remarks were greeted with disgust by Davey, whose lost his job as Preston youth-team coach when Davies was in charge at Deepdale.

Davey said: "What he (Davies) said was bordering on bringing the game into disrepute.

"We as a football club are very upset at the way things have happened, and he's asked his players to emulate a player that has come here and put one of my players in hospital and has been out for the season.

"He's done it to try and intimidate the fans, the whole atmosphere, but for me it's very unprofessional for a manager to do something like that."

Davies rounded on Davey and could barely contain his anger as he branded the Barnsley boss "a disgrace" and "small-minded" for his attack.

The Forest chief even claimed to have been partly responsible for keeping Barnsley in the Championship last term.

As Derby boss, Davies loaned the Tykes defender Lewin Nyatanga and striker Jon Macken.

Davies fumed: "I was asked a question about the type of people coming to this football club and I said it's the likes of Chris Lucketti and Chris Morgan - their type of mentality and experience which is proven year and year - that you need at this level.

"For anybody to make a suggestion that I was referring to anything else is the most small-minded thing I've ever seen in my life and I can't believe it.

"I'm disappointed because people at this club have a very short memory."

Hume is still recovering from his career-threatening injury which came from an elbow by Morgan.

Davies raised eyebrows when he added: "Morgan and Hume are best pals - they go out together and they're best mates.

"I was referring to Lucketti and Morgan type players but I can't believe for one second that somebody would suggest I was trying to stoke the flames.

"What an absolute disgrace - a disgrace - from the same manager that was loaned Macken and Nyatanga last season. He's got a very, very short memory."

Jamal Campbell-Ryce's second-half penalty miss spoiled what should have been a perfect afternoon for Barnsley as Robert Earnshaw struck to hand Forest a priceless point.

Tykes winger Campbell-Ryce headed his side into the lead just seconds after the restart with his eighth goal of the season to send a bumper crowd of almost 20,000 into raptures.

In the 57th minute he had the opportunity to double his tally from the penalty spot but his weak effort was well saved by Forest goalkeeper Iain Turner and the golden opportunity was lost.

Campbell-Ryce and Barnsley were ruthlessly punished 11 minutes later when Earnshaw struck in clinical fashion to rifle home a low shot and breath new life into Forest's survival prospects.

Davey added: "Jamal is the penalty taker and he's not missed one this season, but the goalkeeper made a good save.

"We've got seven games left and we need to win a few more to make sure we stay up."

Forest boss Davies felt his side deserved all three points, insisting: "Only one team should have won the game.

"I was very proud of the players and our magnificent fans."

Sheffield Star, 04 April 2009

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Bobby Hassell has today put pen-to-paper on a new contract keeping him at Oakwell until the summer of 2012.

Commenting on the magnificent contract extension, Hassell said, "I am over the moon to have signed a new deal here at Barnsley. We have been talking for the last six weeks and to sign a three-and-a-half year deal is brilliant. I did have a few offers on the table from other clubs and they were more attractive deals financially but this is where I want to play my football.

"Simon Davey has shown a lot of faith in me during the last three seasons and working with him and the opportunities he has given me, I believe, has made me a much better player. I think I have improved after spending time in midfield and my awareness of the game is a lot better now.

"I am very happy being here. I have always been happy at Barnsley Football Club and this is where I see my future. I have had nothing but success during my five years here at the Club. We were down in the bottom half of League One when I arrived and we have gone on to win promotion through a memorable Play Off Final at the Millenniums Stadium; enjoyed three years in the Championship and been to Wembley for a FA Cup Semi Final.

"It has been a great time for Barnsley Football Club over the last five years and I think we have had more success on the pitch than many clubs when you look at going to Cardiff and Wembley".

Described in the press as Barnsley's utility man, Bobby Hassell is a firm On The Ponty End. I'm delighted that he is now with us for the long haul ahead.

With the experience that players like Hassell will undoubtedly offer, his abiility alongside the coaching staff may finally offer the Reds the ideal culture to bed our academy talent alongside familiar first team players.

In an ideal situation, that's what you want. Youngsters aspiring to be like and respecting the advice of other professionals they know. Bobby Hassell, Fozzy, Disco, JCR et al, are exacltly what we need long term for the successful development of our whole playing structure.

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Are these "Lowe" tactics or what? Something stinks on the South Coast, and it isn't rotten fish.

Southampton are likely to fold before the end of the season unless a buyer for the ailing Coca-Cola Championship club can be found.

The company which owns the south-coast club, Southampton Leisure Holdings plc, have gone into administration with chairman, Rupert Lowe, resigning.

By placing their parent company into administration, however, Saints appear to have at least avoided a 10-point deduction from the Football League.

The League will discuss the matter at a scheduled meeting on Tuesday, but as things stand they cannot apply the standard sanction because the club itself is not in administration.

Barnsley Director Don Rowing has gone on record by saying: "When clubs in any division start a season, they hope to retain their status by their performance on the field.

"However, there are regulations that we all have to adhere to and Southampton were aware, as all other clubs are, that should they go into administration, they would face a points deduction.

"The fact that they have not done is because they have found a loophole which gives them an advantage over their competitors in the Championship and goes against the spirit of the competition."

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The Coca Cola Football League PodcastBBC 5 Live's Mark Clemmit is at Prenton Park, where he is joined by Tranmere Rovers boss Ronnie Moore, as his side hope to sneak into the top six.

He also speaks to the big winner from the Football League awards, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, who solves a few riddles, while Referee Phil Crossley talks about his appointment at the Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final on Sunday.

His final guest is the lead singer for The Hours and Sheffield United fan Antony Genn, who names the best player ever to pull on a Blades shirt.

You can here here more from the Football League Awards in our Podcast Special by clicking here now

If you're registered with iTunes, you can set up a free weekly subscription by clicking here.

If you're unfamiliar with how to listen to podcasts you can read a helpful guide by clicking here.

Between now and the end of the season the Coca-Cola Football League Podcast will feature all 72 League clubs, so make sure you listen to the show this week and every week.

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According to the Wakefield Wildcats Media Department, The Wildcat Dolls are set to take their routines to a football audience this weekend when they provide the entertainment at Barnsley Football Club’s Oakwell ground.

The Dolls will be performing pre-match and at half-time in the Coca-Cola Championship fixture between Barnsley and Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon.

With all "three eyes" glued on the activity, am I supposed to watch Luke Steele playing a bit of "keepy uppy", at the same time - applauding the time spent / goals scored challenge, whilst applauding the artistic movement of the "Dolls"? Good grief, I thought it was half-time and a chance to get some snap!

Where's me chance to reflect?

Rant over. Come on Barnsley, make sure the match equals the spectacle it seems to be becoming!

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