June 2012
English: Egyptian football (soccer) player Mido
English: Egyptian football (soccer) player Mido (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is my first post for a while for various reasons, however it felt right to post just a few days ahead of the start of preseason, and in light of our recent acquisitions. Already this summer seems very different to the last; whilst the Reds were without a manager and seemed to be clamoring to prepare a fit squad for the season ahead last term, the past few weeks have appeared to have been a much calmer affair, in some ways at least.

Having read through the forums and blog posts, news articles etc., it seems that opinion largely seems to point to a ‘different’ tact in terms of acquisitions from Keith Hill, although I can’t help but disagree, and here’s why:

Popular opinion of the season just passed appeared to point to Hill’s policy of signing from the lower leagues. Whilst I feel the argument has passed, I have to point to the statistic that there was in fact one more player from the Championship/Premiership than from the leagues below us, therefore whilst colloquial opinion appeared to dictate otherwise – we did have a team with plenty of Championship experience.