February 2020
For anyone out there who has had any training in the art of business negotiation, the power of silence is one of the golden rules. The ability to remind yourself to simply ‘shut up’ at key points in a conversation forces the opposite party to fill the empty space for you. Often, giving away key information that might ultimately help you to close the deal.

Well, what’s the deal with the fans of Barnsley Football Club?

The owners have shown shocking regard to the supporters in regard to their feedback of late. Whilst it’s appreciated that the club will remain prudent in their activities, to ensure that our club is both profitable and secure, we don’t appear to have an Evangelist who is inspiring us to reach a medium or long term goal. Instead we simply get a positive report that the players have trained well and are ready for the next game.

In that case, it is for us (the fans) to fill the vacuum of silence. It doesn’t sound positive. 

12 months ago, it was an altogether different sound. The Reds were on the march to possible promotion, with a team that could blossom in England’s second division. Nobody expected anything more than survival this term. Now we look like a team who will struggle in League One (the third tier).

STFU for now. Hoping for more noise at the other side of the table.