September 2014
It's simply depressing. The dark clouds are gathering around Oakwell once more. Barnsley FC Supporters have had to stomach defeat yet again in the league at home. Making it a dismal four occasions already this season, having played just five League One fixtures there.

Lacking any league victory since 23 August, Oakwell attendances are dwindling,  recording our lowest gate since November 2012 versus Swindon Town in our most recent encounter.

Being competitive in League One and having a "strong squad to give the supporters a winning feeling" is one superlative statement given by Ben Mansford. Should we therefore assume that we have the right resources at our disposal, but lack the kind of leadership needed to galvanise this group in to a competitive outfit?

Followers of the Reds in the 'Twittersphere' are certainly nervous.

Anyone who witnessed our latest capitulation would be equally alarmed. The starting eleven and formation chosen by DW failed to excite the home fans. Should you have been expecting the seemingly mythical pace and power possessed by this lot, it was glaringly absent on this occasion to the extreme.

In a move to placate the latest potential commercial sponsors, with rumours circulating that Oakwell is set to be renamed the "Tubbytronic Superdome", even the late cameos made by Tinky Winky and Dispy failed to ignite any kind of fight back. Say "Eh Oh!" to Saturday afternoon misery once again!

Thanks for reading this latest rambling. Is it far too early to even consider radical changes at the helm of our beloved Barnsley FC? Should supporters consider that this season is simply about rebuilding and achieving a modest position come May 2015? We would love to hear your views. Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook, or leave your comments on this post.