June 2010
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With copyright issues affecting the way fixtures can be displayed or re-published across the web, I've just discovered a series of files online, which allows anyone to download all Barnsley FC fixtures for the 2010/2011 season direct to your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendars or Apple iCal Calendars.

Not only is this a great tool to gather your full fixture list from, it will also send automatic updates when inevitably the league begins its rescheduling process due to TV, Replays and Global Warming. Allowing you to remain fully informed from your own Calendar.

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Are you looking forward to the 2010/2011 season?
Let me first of all assure everyone, this is not my opportunity to scoff at the official club site or FL Interactive Limited, but has anybody panicked today over the squad profile of James O'Brien.

If the player profiles are to be believed, we've just signed a 20 year old from the Bantam's on a pre-contract agreement.

But hang on, I hear you say. Isn't the lad in question coming all the way from Motherwell with a guitar strapped to his back? For the record, there's been a slip up on someone's part. Wikipedia provides all the details of the bona fide Barnsley FC player, James O'Brien here.

Next up, prepare yourselves for the signing of the century.


But of course, don't believe the profile, even if it does suggest we've won the signature of the Portuguese "Winker". With the form we've seen today, it's far more likely to be the human tin-opener from Brazil instead !!

Forget England temporarily, have a great weekend.

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Popular rumour sites keep throwing names in from leftfield almost every single day at the moment.

I'm sure that by the time the World Cup is due to close, many of the players from the successful but unfancied nations may continue to provide yet further fodder, particularly for those fans of Leeds United, who appear to be bidding for everyone.

Interestingly, an original target from last seasons winter transfer window continues to appear once again. Some say on trial, others claim that MR may have yet pulled off a further signing. The player in question is Juan Francisco Martínez Modesto (aka - Nino / Spanish for Child).

He's no bairn at 30 years of age. Could he possibly be nicknamed for his diminutive height in contrast to many professionals at 5ft 7 in?

Currently "Nino" is under contract with CD Tenerife, who have recently been relegated from La Liga after just one season in the top flight. Speculation is now rife that their current coach José Luis Oltra's future is now uncertain at the club, fueling a number of changes and player departures.

Back in January, OnThePontyEnd highlighted Barnsley's interest in Juan Francisco Martínez Modesto, a fact confirmed by the player himself in the Spanish press.

On the 19th January 2010, according to Marca.com, Nino stated:

"They called me, but I'm happy here. Presently, I do not want to go because I have two years left on my contract."

Maybe MR now gets his second bite of the cherry?

The lad's goals to game ratio for Tenerife has been exempliary. Since joining them on loan from Levante, prior to his formal transfer, he has scored an incredible 61 goals in 120 appearances.

If Bogy could be used as a yard stick, with his contribution of 16 goals from 45 starts, Nino could finish on roughly 22 or 23 goals, providing his strike record travels with him.

Here's some more footage ...

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Throughout May, there's been plenty of whispers from both Sheffield Wednesday Forums and also other various sources on line connected with Barnsley FC, that Mark Beevers (frum Tarn) could be on his way to Oakwell this summer.

At just 20 years of age, the Ponty End would easily forgive his naivety in joining Wednesday as a trainee.

Even despite this knock-back, Beevers is already developing in to a significant Championship talent having already made 99 senior appearances since his debut in January 2007.

The Owls Player Of The Year 2008 would not come cheap, with a fee of around £1.5m being mentioned. However when you consider both his age and the fact that he is literally at the starting point of his career, surely there's no way that could Barnsley fail to invest and not get a generous return; should the event ever arise.

Quoted as "Strong in the air and hard in the tackle", with 6ft 4in of Barnsley brawn to boot, this is one rumour that I sincerely hope will transpire.

Just cut out the calamities if / when you arrive Mark ...