November 2012
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In order to get the lowdown on Keith Hill's latest recruits, we've trawled the 'Twitterverse' to talk to the key independent bloggers and vocal fans who probably know them best.

We're very grateful to the supporters of their respective parent clubs/former teams who were kind enough to contribute their views. For Barnsley FC fans, we're delighted to provide you with some insight on the qualities that Emile Sinclair, Jonathan Greening and Ákos Buzsáky could be bringing to Oakwell.

Supporters have been asked to join in a minutes applause on Saturday 24th November, during our match against Cardiff City on 70 minutes, out of respect for Arthur Wilson - a true lifelong Barnsley FC fan who has sadly passed away.

Arthur was born on 20 March 1942 in Kendray and was a committed Barnsley FC supporter since 1948. His favourite players were Johnny Kelly and Harry Hough, and recent players Neil Redfearn, Craig Hignett and Bobby Hassell.

He was also chairman of the Penistone Reds and had not missed a game at either home or away in last 5 years, up until his illness at the start of this current campaign.

His funeral will be held on 27th November 2012 at 11:30 at Ardsley Crematorium.

Arthur's son Andrew has been in contact to ask if if we could extend an invitation on his behalf to anyone who wishes to attend the service and pay their respects, but also adds, "can all guests wear red and white if possible or a football shirt".

On behalf of OnThePontyEnd, we wish to extend our sincere condolences to Arthur Wilson's family and close friends. We feel that a minutes applause is the least we can do as fans to acknowledge the passing of one of our own.
As a Barnsley fan of a few seasons now, I find it difficult to cast my mind back to a time when the club made so many signings in so little time.  Perhaps upon Keith Hill's arrival at the club, last summer, was one of the busiest periods in terms of transfers at the club, however never have such signings been met with such enthusiasm and excitement from the Oakwell faithful.

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The signings of Emile Sinclair and Marcus Tudgay present what Keith Hill describes as 'two elite Championship players', with both having fairly decent pedigree at this level. In the absence of Craig Davies, the Reds struggled for both goals and by extension, points, however the signing of Tudgay seemed to revitalise the Welshman, who'd experienced a slight dip in form since his 4 goal barnstormer at Birmingham - having carried an injury for a number of games.

Though the signings have both been met with excitement, I can't help but be surprised, given that in the past, Barnsley have seemed to stop their search for talent once they'd got their man. Above anything, the signings present a much needed relief in pressure on Craig Davies, who has had to carry his side for goals this season. Though Mido and Marlon Harewood both presented decent pedigree, it has to be said that both presented risk when joining The Reds, and, have provided little extra to our attacking options thus far.

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Fearing that his first eleven may have become transparent and predictable to Championship opposition, Keith Hill is delighted to have captured Emile Sinclair on loan from Peterborough United until 19 January.

"I just can't keep going with the same old, same old," Hillcroft revealed to BBC Sports Journalist and Broadcaster Rob Staton today. "there's time to shake it up psychologically, there's times to shake it up to show the opposition you've got a different strategy".

Sinclair was placed on the transfer list at London Road last week along with three of his teammates for an alleged breach of club discipline, following their recent defeat to Crystal Palace in the league.

Sky Sports revealed last week that Barnsley failed with a bid for both Barnett and Sinclair, but now they have returned to finalise his capture.

“With Emile you get pace - and that scares defences to death,” Reds’ boss Keith Hill told The Star. “He’s a really good signing for us.”

Listen Rob Staton's full interview with Keith Hill below.

Follow Rob on Twitter @robstaton. Fans of the NFL Draft might also wish to read Rob's dedicated blog - Seahawks Draft Blog

If you've arrived here expecting to find an exposé on the workings at Oakwell - you won't find it. Not today. I'm like you - an ordinary hyper-frustrated Barnsley FC fan in desperate need of a pick-me-up!

Barnsley were not on a level playing field with Saturday's opponents Huddersfield, according to boss Keith Hill in the media just 24 hours before!

"I'm not surprised by Huddersfield's start," Hill said. "Just look at who they have recruited and it will give some sort of indication to their budget. You don't have to be a mathematician when you consider the players they have brought in. "It's like putting a Mini and a Rolls Royce on a starting grid. The Mini might win over a sprint but the Championship isn't a sprint."

So maybe, the low expectations of fellow Reds fans, who feared the worst today was justified too. Especially when the comparisons being made were stark, despite the fact that this is 'Udders first season back in the Championship since the milleneum.

Okay, they've made some notable signings and The Terriers could count on the likes of Paul Dixon, Joel Lynch and Sean Scannell amongst their number in their starting eleven today, but Rolls Royce-esque they're not - NO WAY!

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If stability at Oakwell is paramount in your thinking at the moment, the average fan could be forgiven if they're totally stumped by some of the stories floating around in the media over the last week or so.

Some hacks have speculated on the possibility of Keith Hill falling on his sword, others tout him as an in-demand character, who's in the running for almost every Championship vacancy going.

As an online destination that was born to encourage debate amongst supporters, I'm guessing that there will probably be readers here who believe that "Hillcroft's" tenure at Barnsley FC has already gone way beyond its zenith. Whilst there will be others who are convinced that in time, this particular management double-act are the keys to the club's prosperity and a better league position.

Hands up. I'm part of the latter. And yes, it's a position that I find quite challenging at times, but I have a theory that might help others understand why I remain convinced I'm right. You see, it's all about "doubling"!