Football is a simple game, complicated by idiots, Bill Shankly once said, and a greater truth has never been uttered about the working class' opera. Pundits, commentators, analysts and supporters alike pull apart every aspect of the game until it becomes unrecognisable from its original state – but it is an instrument as important as a referee’s whistle when it comes to understanding why a team are where they are in the league.

Barnsley, as ever, continue to excite and frustrate in equal proportions, this time as Keiran Trippier’s late goal secured a point for the Tykes. Football bets at the ready as to what might happen against promotion chaser’s Norwich.

A draw is always the trickiest scoreline to interpret. It leaves things open to interpretation. One man’s sitting back with eight men behind the ball with not an inkling of attacking intent is another’s spirit and determination, and one man’s two points dropped is another’s one gained.

Another factor that muddies the water is context. On the face of it a 3-3 draw with promotion chasing Leeds is an excellent result, but what might have been?

Well one lesson Mark Robins can take from the game is his sides open flirtation with the goal mouth. For too long they have looked goal-shy; four goals in their five previous games is nowhere near prolific, but Tuesday’s game was a revelation in attacking intent.

Their fighting spirit was also excellent in a game that could easily have been lost. Aside from the late winner, coming back from twice being behind is just the type of fighting spirit that has been absent at times as their season drifted by them. Leeds are an excellent side and have been in fine form this season, so the heart to come back should be appreciated.

Of course there are defensive and discipline worries to contend with. Despite Leeds being down to ten men following Bradley Johnson’s departure the knife should have been twisted. Do no buy into the old notion that it is harder to play against ten men, the numerical advantage should have been pounced upon.

There are times when a draw feels like a loss, a loss feels like a win, and all manner of inter-changeable cliché’s. Positives from this game far outweigh negatives and perhaps this could be a turning point for the club to at least put a marker down for next season if the football betting types are right and it is too late to lunge for the play-off’s. This is a result that will feel like a win, and denting the chances of Leeds gaining promotion is always nice, isn’t it?
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Thomas Rooney

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Anonymous said...

I dont think barsnley fans can realistically gauge anything from leeds united , we have the 3rd worst defence in the league and no1 best attack . we are relegation fodder as far as goals against but our goalscoring exploits are a wonder to behold .
so to summarise : ANYBODY can score goals against us bcause of our attacking philosophy we are left open at the back with just 2 centrebacks and a defensive mid who isnt a def mid. i wouldnt take 3 goals against leeds as attacking prowess on barsnleys part , just very bad defensing from leeds. also we have taken just 4 points from teusday night games this season , we havnt won a single one for whatever reason , so i think most leeds fans expected this result but hoped for better.

Steve said...

You are deluded..... the only reason you got anywhere near the Leeds Goal was not because of your attacking "skills" it was the lack of Defending "Skills"..... your a bottom half team

Nice to see Barnsley FC attracting so much continued attention from the Leeds fans. See you next season, when the Reds grab all six points.

Don't forget, you haven't beaten us in over a decade and weren't even qualified to play at this standard for the last two seasons. You should be grateful we let you off with a point :0)

Anonymous said...

@wilky , it just so happens that we have posted on this blog because we are leeds fans and wanted to explain why your attack cannot be judged on a game against a keeganesque leeds team . you havnt attracted attention , its just that leeds fans obviously outnumber barnsley fans by at least 3:1 going on the complete lack of barnsley responses on this blog!!! also wee willy wilky ! we havnt beaten you in over a decade because we were at the top table for most of it ! And your right about not being at this level we should be WAY above you , and we will soon son ! MOT

History counts for very little, if it did, we would still be crowing about winning the FA Cup, long before you forgot to choose a colour for your strip.

You went down in 2004, so don't come the BIG club with us, you've had a several years in the doldrums and long may it continue. Especially if this is the way you treat an open forum which invites and shares views with fans of all clubs.

Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

leeds honours
first division champs:1968–69, 1973–74, 1991–92
second div champs: 1923–24, 1963–64, 1989–90
FA cup winners:1972
league cup winners:1968
charity shield winners: 1969, 1992
FA youth cup winners:1993, 1997
UEFA Cup winners:1968, 1971
champions league semi finalists:2001
Barnsley fc:
div 3 winners:1933 , 1938, 1954
FA cup winners: 1912 (the year the TITANIC sank)!!
Conclusion:barnsley currently punching above their weight , rightful place is obviously div 3
leeds : will return to our rightful place as one of the GREATEST clubs in the land !

Bored now, I think I would rather listen to a Kaiser Chief CD than this broken record. Sadly they've done now't decent for ages either! Barnsley have played more games than any other team in the second tier FACT. Punching above our weight pays - four points thank you!