May 2009
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Whilst there has been no formal announcement, Patrick Cryne appears to have ended any speculation that there may have been on who will be leading the Reds at the beginning of next season.

Speaking the the Sheffield Star yesterday, the Reds owner offered an insight in to his expectations for the season ahead.

"We've got to come out of the traps faster," revealed Cryne. "We didn't have a great start last season, we were in the bottom three for quite a while.

"We want to improve next season and we want to make sure we are safe in this division.

"Simon (Davey] has the backing of the players, which is important going forward.

"The players can remain silent if they don't have anything to say, but they're behind Simon and that means a great deal."

In my personal opinion, it's the clearest indication yet that the first ten games are now of absolute importance to Simon Davey's tenure at Barnsley. There should not be any formal announcement and it would be unfair to expect the club to do so unless there had been a decision to part company with the present manager.

Mr Cryne has been impeccable in communicating his views to fans, whilst also balancing the feelings of the majority of Reds supporters. It has been a fair and much needed assessment of last season.

Barnsley fans anticipate the response he deserves from SD, his coaching staff and players.

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Almost live from the Legends Lounge, The Full House, Monk Bretton in Barnsley, the original and only Podcast dedicated to the fans and followers of Barnsley FC.

In this episode, meet the Saskatchewan Red. Discover who is in my dream BFC Masters team. Plus, we look ahead to our forthcoming meeting with "Reds Legend" Eric Winstanley and remind you once more how you can get your questions featured in this landmark edition.

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Is it just me, or are other Barnsley fans sick of our club being used as a dirty metaphor. We're not the only club it seems. Blackpool and Plymouth are often banded about when the media attempt to describe the degradation awaiting any team that has been relegated from the Premier League?

Come on now, are they short-sighted or what? What's up with picking on Scunthorpe or Peterborough?

Seriously though, in context, you often end up reading garbage like this quote from the Sunday Sun

"Even if temporary manager Alan Shearer is persuaded to stay on permanently, relegation to the Championship, with the promise of unglamorous games against the likes of Barnsley, Blackpool and Plymouth, would trigger a huge drop-off in season ticket sales".

Ask Southampton, Norwich and Charlton. I'm sure they will tell you that it's a damn sight more glamorous than an away day at Yoevil, Brentford or Exeter. Worse still, you're just one step away from that becoming a reality. Impossible? Go and have a chat with Ken Bates.

Don't get me wrong, any metaphor is good if it's used to describe Barnsley FC in a positive way. It's not that long ago we were the "Giant Killers". It looks as though the media has decided that there are 19 of these in next years championship.

Time to grab your sling Mr Davey.

In anger I suppose, I've created my own metaphor, one which I hope will rarely be used around Oakwell next season (well at least in terms of describing the Reds performances).

You're playing like a set of Geordies!!

For me it's a description which sums up the feckless performance I watched this afternoon. The Toon, with seventeen games already lost this season, before todays game, lost once more. From Villa Park, at the final whistle, it was they that parachuted themselves in to life in the championship. They deserve to be in the Championship, as do Barnsley FC.

My advice to the Geordie faithful would be to ignore the media. It's going to take more than practice with your "Kevin Keegan Soccer Skills Set" to get you out of this one, quite as easily as you might think. Forget all about the glamour of the Premiership and that feeling of superiority, you will need to graft and earn your points first.

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Whilst it will probably take a few weeks to get this news out fully, in turn growing the traffic and membership of the people using the Forum, I hope that it becomes a central point for anyone looking to discuss Barnsley FC matters. For anything else, there's plenty of other forums out there.

Features include:

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You Reds. You're probably like most Barnsley fans, you have your very own burning question.

Have you ever been close enough to get the answer you wanted? Maybe now you can.

Well, we're priveleged to have the man who has been there.'s special guest, "Oakwell Legend" Eric Winstanley, is arriving shortly (almost live from the Full House, Monk Bretton) within the first week of June. This is your chance, Reds fans, to get involved too.

If you have have ever wondered; What were the Clarke side all about? How were they inspired to take Barnsley FC back to the second tier of English Football? Maybe Eric can give you an insight.

Did Danny have any particular magic which took Barnsley FC to the Premiership for the first time in their history? Eric surely knows some of the work involved in getting the Reds there.

Share your own memories, send in your questions in now.

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The Yorkshire Masters event takes place at the Sheffield Arena on Saturday 18th July, where Barnsley FC will face Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Leeds United, Hull City and Doncaster Rovers.

How are the Masters players chosen?

Masters players have to be 35 at the start of each Masters season.

Many of the players take part in Vets teams for their clubs and an effort is made to ensure each Masters team is made up of those players that contributed as much as possible to their respective club. Fitness, age and availability are also taken into consideration with the goal of maximising each team's potential.

Who would be your chosen six to represent the Reds?

(yeah I know there are subs places too) - pick yours on the basis of Goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and one forward.

This is my stab at frightening the pants off our Yorkshire rivals.

GK - Andy Rhodes
DF - Nicky Eaden
DF - Clayton Blackmore (for extra long range goals)
MF - Neil Redfearn
MF - Dean Gorre
FW - Ashley Ward

Further information on the event can be obtained HERE>

Enter your six choices (with any other comments) HERE>
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As something that was addressed to me, which is now in public domain already, I trust that Mr Cyne will allow me to share his letter with the readers of this site.

Fellow Reds fan

I am writing to ask for your continued support for our team by renewing your season ticket for the 2009/2010 season.

Being a Barnsley supporter is not an easy journey as I know full well.Over the 50 years that I have watched the Reds, I have seen us play in all the divisions.I have seen some seasons with great promise fulfilled and many more where we struggled throughout. So why do I do it, and why do you?I suggest that we support Barnsley not just out of a passion for football, for there are clubs much better placed than we are in terms of football tradition, but because we are proud of our town and its surrounding villages, and the unique heritage that belongs to our part of Yorkshire and the people who live here or originate from these parts.

Barnsley Football Club is the rallying point for that pride.For those who support us who have no origins in our town, but have formed a connection to become supporters, you are nonetheless our brothers in the cause of keeping alive something precious, something more than a commercial brand name - Barnsley Football Club is part of our identity as a town, and continues a lineage of fans that started with the Norfolk-born Reverend Tiverton Preedy in 1887.

Sentiment and history are important, but not everything in the modern world.As fans we want to see a prospect of our team rising in the Championship and challenging for a return to the top level of the English game. Every season we start a new challenge to create a side that can compete and thrive on that competition. Key to success is a strong support base, which not only provides a financial platform for player recruitment, but also an attraction for top players, particularly in Britain. It is fans that bring status for a club and not anything else. For our club to make a breakthrough we need your loyalty without conditions. It's a lot to ask, but without it our progress will be slow and stuttering and our future insecure. The financial order in football is changing, which creates a chance for our club to make progress against some of those competitors that carry heavy debt burdens that must be serviced. Our club is relatively debt- free and so every season ticket renewal can be used to improve the quality of our playing contingent and make us more competitive. Please renew for the 2009/10 season and encourage others to do so to help our player recruitment.

Last season the club launched the Stronger Together initiative. Some fans interpreted it as a kind of customer charter, but it was nothing of the sort. It was simply a rallying cry to all our fans to unite in support of the team on the field, irrespective of how much we might criticise them after the game. The fans played their part and got behind the cause despite a disappointing season in terms of league position, which owed much to the team's failure to close out games when we were ahead, and some seriously bad decisions, beyond the ordinary course of football, on the part of match officials. Our fans deserved better for their support which was outstanding right to the last match at Plymouth.

The Stronger Together campaign was backed up with season ticket price reductions and free season tickets for U11s. The result was that our cumulative crowds over the 2008/09 season topped 300,000, a 15 per cent increase in support over the previous season in which crowds had fallen by 10 per cent. Our gates averaged comfortably over 13000 last season, the highest since the 2001/02 season when we were relegated along with Crewe and Stockport to Division One.

This year the financial pressures on our fans are more pronounced with the advent of the credit crunch. It is incumbent on the club to recognise this predicament and find the means to reduce season ticket prices, even though its own costs of operation are rising. To do so means that the club must look to cut costs and channel any savings towards reducing ticket prices. Fans should expect to see the playing staff reduced from the current 27 full-time professionals (including loanees) in favour of a smaller, but better squad. This means that Barnsley FC will not play in the reserve league this season, and will instead organise reserve fixtures to coincide with the need to bring players back from injury, test the progress of our academy players and assess trialists. We are also aware of shortcomings in some administrative areas of the club, but we will be making few inroads into improvements in this area in the 2009/2010 season, because our primary responsibility is to respond to the issue of attendance affordability for our season ticket holders.

For the 2009/2010 season the costs of adult season tickets will be reduced by £20 in all areas of the ground. Other season ticket prices will be reduced pro rata to the cost of adult season tickets with the exception of the additional juvenile ticketwhich has been extended by a further year to cover the under 12s. The free season ticket for U11s with the purchase of an adult season ticket will be extended to cover U12s. Match day tickets will remain at the current prices, which means that the reduction made during last season in response to the lowering of the VAT rate will be continued.

Please renew your support for our team and I look forward to seeing you next season.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Cryne

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According to today's Sheffield Star, Barnsley owner Patrick Cryne is ready to sit down with boss Simon Davey and discuss the Welshman's future.

There was plenty of speculation that Davey was going to be relieved of his Oakwell hot seat after the club only managed to avoid Championship relegation on the last day of the season.

But although Cryne has stressed the need for Davey to build a better rapport with the club's supporters, the multi-millionaire businessman admits his recent comments were a bit strong.

Cryne said: "I think what I said wasn't meant to be as assertive as it came over, I understand the constraints which Simon has to work under. I believe he's a very good young manager who is working within our limitations.

"Unfortunately we are one of the smaller clubs in the division in terms of gates and we're not as fashionable as some of the big city clubs.

"It's always going to be a challenge to be successful in the Championship, but what I want Simon to do is set out an agenda for where he wants to take this club.

"I think when he picked up the mantle from Andy Ritchie he caught some the backlash from our bad form. I think he caught it unfairly.

"But since he's come in, we've become more professional as a club in many different areas. I understand his difficulties, but I have a lot of respect for his talent."

And although Cryne, a Reds fans first and foremost, knows the fans have been quick to get on the manager's back, he is able to distance himself and look at the bigger picture.

Cryne said: "Fans tend to judge the here and now, and you can sympathise with them when results are not going our way. But I'm a fan and I'm able to be a little more tolerant than most fans because I can see what Simon is trying to do with the club. Simon has done well to keep us up, but the fans expect more."

Well Barnsley Fans, on the evidence of this article, I fully expect that Simon Davey will be the man in charge at the start of the new season.

Like most supporters, I have always backed the club, because invariably all managers leave at some point. I now sincerely hope that Davey makes the right decisions to give Barnsley the best possible chance of competing in the Championship - right from the start.

Like myself, I'm positive that Reds fans will expect nothing less.


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I'm referring back to a letter received via the Podcast. The sentiment was clearly based on Barnsley not capitalising on the notoriety Barnsley FC had gained as a result of the FA Cup campaign during the 2007-2008 season.

But here we are, presented with an opportunity to play (potentially) the richest club in the World, in our own back-garden on August 1st 2009.

Plenty of footballing leeches will ensure that even more talent latch on to the Eastlands outfit, in what can be guaranteed to be a full house, when they arrive.

I'm delighted that Barnsley FC are on the map and rightly so. Man City will have just returned one week earlier from a mini-tournament in South Africa, with their final game having taken place on 25th July.

Consider it a "wee" present in return for the generous support Barnsley FC had shown in "lending" Oakwell to the Eastland's outfit earlier last season, whilst their pitch was busily being prepared for their Premiership campaign.

Well done Barnsley FC in securing such a lucrative and worthwhile test of our squad, particulary as our preparations for another Championship campaign start to peak.

Before then though, come on fellas, sort out the "one-in-the-middle" that will take us from playing Lower League "Play-Off-Hopers" - Bradford City, to a standard of competition that might help us bring something in to the game against Man City.

But sshhhh, keep it quiet for longer if necessary. Perhaps, under the hood, the Manger (whoever that might be) can get the Reds from o-60 in just five seconds.

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Almost live from the Legends Lounge, The Full House, Monk Bretton in Barnsley, yes we're back with Episode 4 of the original and only Podcast dedicated to the supporters of the Super Reds. Come and join the debate here.

Thank you for following the Podcast over the last few episodes, in particular the team have appreciated your frequent compliments and messages of support.

This week we begin as we intend to do on a regular basis. It's you, our listeners in the spotlight. We read out and discuss some of the feedback and letters you've been sending in to the team over the last week. Should Simon Davey stay or go? You might be surprised how some fans really feel.

We talk about some of the speculation and rumours beginning to surface. We would love to hear anything that you may have heard too, get in touch.

Also, find out in this episode how you can feed your questions to a genuine Oakwell Legend and popular Barnsley FC hero.

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We are delighted to announce that "Oakwell Legend", Eric Winstanley, has agreed to to be our guest on a forthcoming edition of | The Podcast.

As a player, Eric represented Barnsley FC for 13 years, with 10 of those spent as the club captain. Additionally, he served for over 20 years on the coaching staff, including assistant to Danny Wilson in the never-to-be-forgotten 1996-97 Premiership promotion season. We simply can't wait to share this fascinating meeting with you.

Certainly in the modern game it's extremely rare for players, managers and staff to hold a long association with any club. In this instance, Eric can look back on 34 years with the Reds, including two spells as caretaker manager and a star studded testimonial in November 2001 against Manchester United. Incidentally, Barnsley won 1–0.

We want you to get involved. If you had the opportunity, what would you ask Eric about his time with the club?

Perhaps you have fond memories of a particular game or of a period in Barnsley's recent past that you would like to share with our guest and our other listeners. Send us something in, it would be great if we could share these messages, your questions and letters during this unique edition of the podcast.

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According to the Sheffield Star, Barnsley boss Simon Davey is set to stay at the club next season.

The Welshman has made a passionate plea to Reds fans to keep his job after the club survived Championship relegation on the last day of the season.

Davey said: "You will see a big difference next season with a few key signings.

"I say to the fans that your club is my club. I would desperately like to finish the building of this team."

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Barnsley chairman Patrick Cryne says that signing a striker is the club's main objective in the transfer market.

The Reds had one of the worst scoring records in the championship last season with just 45 goals.

"We can take advantage of the additional money that will come from the television deal," Cryne told BBC Radio Sheffield.

"We will definitely be looking to recruit in that area, in fact that's our top priority."

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Sheffield Star, 8 May 2009

WHAT is happening at Barnsley?

No-one knows whether boss Simon Davey will stay or go - and now there's a possibility owner Patrick Cryne might even step down from his position.

And all this comes less than a week after the club celebrated success by avoiding relegation from the Championship for a third successive season.

Four players have already been shown the Oakwell exit door after a season to forget, with Davey and Cryne expected to meet soon to discuss whether they can take the club forward.

Cryne is rumoured to be under mounting pressure by his closest family to step down because of ill health.

And earlier this week he rocked the managerial boat by admitting Davey's future at the club was from certain unless he built a better rapport with the Reds fans.

Cryne said: "I'm extraordinarily unhappy in the role that I occupy within the club.

"The only reason I hold that role is because nobody else wants to pick up the baton.

"There hasn't been a season without me wanting to say 'enough'; the pressure is just too great.

"These years in the position of owner have been the most miserable despite the fact we've had a promotion and been to Wembley.

"If there's someone there who wants to take the responsibility then I'm happy to sit back."

And reflecting on Davey's future, Cryne insisted: "I want to sit down with him (Davey) and really go through the season and look at it in a calm rational manner.

"I think there are many things which Simon has achieved within the club which are subordinated to our success on the field, and that's always the way it's going to be.

"What we want to do is ask ourselves in the clear light of day, are we positioned to do better? Or are we pinned to the bottom reaches of the division? And that wouldn't be an acceptable position for our club at this stage of its development.

"While we might not have got the results, at no stage did he lose the loyalty of his players.

"And during the course of the season when things weren't going well, the big question to be asked was if we change our manager, if we decide that's the barrier to us going forward, then what impact will it have on the team.?

"I was convinced, on the basis of the relationship he has with his players, to change the manager mid-course would have been a detrimental thing to do.

"So now I need to sit down with Simon and say 'look, can we do better? Can you convince me we can do better?' I'm open to be convinced.

"You always have to be in that position. Football is not a game where you can always have certainties.

"You have to hear a persuasive argument that says we're going to go forward from the position we're in.

"I think there are certain things in his favour and what will be important in terms of our progress will be some measure of consistency.

"There will be certain things I'll be asking Simon Davey to give me assurances about. I'd like a persuasive case behind those assurances."

Davey is now believed to be on holiday in Florida, but before he jetted off said: "We've had some low times this season, but Patrick has been a rock for me this season.

He added: "If we parted company it would be a fantastic handshake."
So when Davey returns, will he have a job to go back to?

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All together now...Phew! The Reds have survived.

Let's face it, it's been an incredible weekend. Barnsley FC will continue to play in the Championship next season and the Full House ran out of lager. Now what are the chances of that happening again?

Firstly, please allow me to say a big THANK YOU, to everyone who has contributed to the Podcast so far and to everyone who has been following us for the last two episodes. Now, go tell your mates, your Mam, your Dad, your Brother, your Sister. your Aunty, your Uncle... you get the idea..!!

Secondly, I would also like to welcome back and thank our resident "dynamic duo" of Mick and Paul, who "thwack", "splat" and "ker-pow" the latest news and issues affecting and concerning the fans of Barnsley Football Club.

Granted, the season may now have reached it's conclusion; however, and the Podcast team have loads more stuff planned for the close season. Perhaps you have an idea or a feature you would like to cover? Come on, get in touch, lets see what we can do?

Please, please, please, keep sending in your feedback and comments, this is only the start of the Super Reds debate.

In Episode 3:

Discover what Patrick Cryne has revealed to BBC Radio Sheffield in an extremely candid interview. What exactly did he have to say about Simon Davey?

We reveal, according to one national newspaper, the manager who may already be in the frame for the Oakwell hotseat.

...And Mick, the landlord, gives us his fashion tips.?!?!?...Yep, you heard it here first... What else could you ask for Reds fans? It's all here during | The Podcast: Episode 3.


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Every season the players and staff of Barnsley FC get together for their end-of-season "shin-dig"; however this year, according to one source, there were three very noticeable absentees. understands that three of the 2008-2009 squad have already been released, either by mutual consent or by other arrangements. Those players are; Diego Leon, Marciano Van Homeoet and Dennis Souza.

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Barnsley's on-loan trio Andranik Teymourian, Adam Hammill and Michael Mifsud have all returned to their parent clubs.

Fulham midfielder Teymourian, Liverpool winger Hammill and Coventry striker Mifsud have all played a key role for the Reds, who survived another season in the Championship after a last-day win at Plymouth.

Iran international Teymourian has made 11 appearances for Barnsley, including 10 starts, since arriving at Oakwell in early February.

Hammill, who arrived on the same day as Teymourian and Mifsud, has made 14 appearances and scored the opening goal in Saturday's crucial win at Home Park.

Malta international Mifsud has made 15 appearances, with 11 starts, and has scored twice for Simon Davey's side.

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Barnsley are guaranteed Championship football for another year and just like most fans, the team at | The Podcast can now breathe a sigh of relief. How was it for you?

Before we jump ahead, what can we learn from this season? There are a number of accomplished professionals already at Barnsley Football Club. Their desire to achieve the minimum objective has been demonstrated. As fans, I'm sure we would like to congratulate those players who have stood out for us.

No doubt there will be plenty of debate to follow though. It has after-all been a difficult, demanding and turbulent season for the Reds and we want your opinions.


Do you think Simon Davey will still be in charge? The latest speculation concerning the job is that John Sheridan will be in charge next year. What have you heard?

Which players do you think will remain within the first eleven? If you were the Manager, who would be the personnel in your squad?

Is there a fair system for ticket prices that will accommodate both regular fans, their families and those supporters who can only attend occasionally. How do you balance this out and ensure that attendances increase? Especially for a league that is shaping up to look like the most exciting it has been for years.

If you were in a position to influence the choice of the Club's colours next year, what would they be. Would you change the manufacturer (if this could be done)? Is there a classic Red strip? Is there a "traditional" away kit you would like to see introduced?


What do you want to add to the Super Reds discussion? Contact the Podcast team via Email now HERE >

Send a message to us via this site HERE >

This is your opportunity to add your voice amongst other Barnsley fans. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your thoughts in the next addition.

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Barnsley have survived relegation from the Championship for another year following their creditable 2-1 one over Plymouth at Home Park.

Norwich City's defeat at the hands of Charlton means the Tykes have beaten the drop on the final day of the season, regardless of their comeback against Plymouth who were already safe.

Gary Sawyer's header opened the scoring on 11 minutes to set up a frantic relegation scrap. Honours were even at the break though as on loan midfielder Adam Hammill levelled for Barnsley on 34 minutes to send the Tykes on their way to safety.

Jamal Campbell-Ryce then put the away side into the lead just one minute into the second half to send the away fans delirious, with survival well within sight.

Simon Davey's side held out their lead until the final whistle, leapfrogging Plymouth into 20th position in the process.

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Sir Alex Ferguson has been told that it will cost him £2million to buy Barnsley's whizz-kid striker Reuben Noble-Lazarus.

That is how much the Reds will demand in compensation from Manchester United if the Premier League champions decide to sign the teenager.

He became the youngest ever football league debutant when he appeared against Ipswich aged just 15 years and 45 days last September.

Coaching staff at Oakwell regard the Huddersfield schoolboy as one of the brightest prospects they have seen in 20 years.

Barnsley will not be bullied into selling Noble-Lazarus on the cheap, and source close to the club said, "The club has spent a lot of time and money on his development and are convinced they have a player capable of reaching the very top.

"They will want compensation that reflects the player's ability and potential."

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Veteran defender Darren Moore believes Barnsley can "do a West Brom" and pull off a dramatic last-day escape from relegation.

Simon Davey's side will stay up if they get a better result at Plymouth than Norwich achieve at relegated Charlton.

Moore said: "When I was playing for the Baggies we had to try to avoid relegation on the last day of the season, and it was not nice.

"But we managed it - and Albion were in a worse position then than Barnsley are now because we had to win and also rely on about three other results going our way.

"It was pressure cooker stuff, but we came through because we had a team of fighters. Now it is important that the 11 players who start for Barnsley at Plymouth perform at the top of our capabilities.

"We have got to apply ourselves right individually and collectively. We have got to make sure our own house is in order and not worry about what Norwich are doing."

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