I'm referring back to a letter received via the Podcast. The sentiment was clearly based on Barnsley not capitalising on the notoriety Barnsley FC had gained as a result of the FA Cup campaign during the 2007-2008 season.

But here we are, presented with an opportunity to play (potentially) the richest club in the World, in our own back-garden on August 1st 2009.

Plenty of footballing leeches will ensure that even more talent latch on to the Eastlands outfit, in what can be guaranteed to be a full house, when they arrive.

I'm delighted that Barnsley FC are on the map and rightly so. Man City will have just returned one week earlier from a mini-tournament in South Africa, with their final game having taken place on 25th July.

Consider it a "wee" present in return for the generous support Barnsley FC had shown in "lending" Oakwell to the Eastland's outfit earlier last season, whilst their pitch was busily being prepared for their Premiership campaign.

Well done Barnsley FC in securing such a lucrative and worthwhile test of our squad, particulary as our preparations for another Championship campaign start to peak.

Before then though, come on fellas, sort out the "one-in-the-middle" that will take us from playing Lower League "Play-Off-Hopers" - Bradford City, to a standard of competition that might help us bring something in to the game against Man City.

But sshhhh, keep it quiet for longer if necessary. Perhaps, under the hood, the Manger (whoever that might be) can get the Reds from o-60 in just five seconds.

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Ian Wilkinson

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