Is it just me, or are other Barnsley fans sick of our club being used as a dirty metaphor. We're not the only club it seems. Blackpool and Plymouth are often banded about when the media attempt to describe the degradation awaiting any team that has been relegated from the Premier League?

Come on now, are they short-sighted or what? What's up with picking on Scunthorpe or Peterborough?

Seriously though, in context, you often end up reading garbage like this quote from the Sunday Sun

"Even if temporary manager Alan Shearer is persuaded to stay on permanently, relegation to the Championship, with the promise of unglamorous games against the likes of Barnsley, Blackpool and Plymouth, would trigger a huge drop-off in season ticket sales".

Ask Southampton, Norwich and Charlton. I'm sure they will tell you that it's a damn sight more glamorous than an away day at Yoevil, Brentford or Exeter. Worse still, you're just one step away from that becoming a reality. Impossible? Go and have a chat with Ken Bates.

Don't get me wrong, any metaphor is good if it's used to describe Barnsley FC in a positive way. It's not that long ago we were the "Giant Killers". It looks as though the media has decided that there are 19 of these in next years championship.

Time to grab your sling Mr Davey.

In anger I suppose, I've created my own metaphor, one which I hope will rarely be used around Oakwell next season (well at least in terms of describing the Reds performances).

You're playing like a set of Geordies!!

For me it's a description which sums up the feckless performance I watched this afternoon. The Toon, with seventeen games already lost this season, before todays game, lost once more. From Villa Park, at the final whistle, it was they that parachuted themselves in to life in the championship. They deserve to be in the Championship, as do Barnsley FC.

My advice to the Geordie faithful would be to ignore the media. It's going to take more than practice with your "Kevin Keegan Soccer Skills Set" to get you out of this one, quite as easily as you might think. Forget all about the glamour of the Premiership and that feeling of superiority, you will need to graft and earn your points first.

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