All together now...Phew! The Reds have survived.

Let's face it, it's been an incredible weekend. Barnsley FC will continue to play in the Championship next season and the Full House ran out of lager. Now what are the chances of that happening again?

Firstly, please allow me to say a big THANK YOU, to everyone who has contributed to the Podcast so far and to everyone who has been following us for the last two episodes. Now, go tell your mates, your Mam, your Dad, your Brother, your Sister. your Aunty, your Uncle... you get the idea..!!

Secondly, I would also like to welcome back and thank our resident "dynamic duo" of Mick and Paul, who "thwack", "splat" and "ker-pow" the latest news and issues affecting and concerning the fans of Barnsley Football Club.

Granted, the season may now have reached it's conclusion; however, and the Podcast team have loads more stuff planned for the close season. Perhaps you have an idea or a feature you would like to cover? Come on, get in touch, lets see what we can do?

Please, please, please, keep sending in your feedback and comments, this is only the start of the Super Reds debate.

In Episode 3:

Discover what Patrick Cryne has revealed to BBC Radio Sheffield in an extremely candid interview. What exactly did he have to say about Simon Davey?

We reveal, according to one national newspaper, the manager who may already be in the frame for the Oakwell hotseat.

...And Mick, the landlord, gives us his fashion tips.?!?!?...Yep, you heard it here first... What else could you ask for Reds fans? It's all here during | The Podcast: Episode 3.


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Ian Wilkinson

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Anonymous said... brilliant, me and amanda just listened to it. this could be the start of something big . make me famous. mick the full house.

Ian P. said...

Great stuff wilky & co!