Whilst there has been no formal announcement, Patrick Cryne appears to have ended any speculation that there may have been on who will be leading the Reds at the beginning of next season.

Speaking the the Sheffield Star yesterday, the Reds owner offered an insight in to his expectations for the season ahead.

"We've got to come out of the traps faster," revealed Cryne. "We didn't have a great start last season, we were in the bottom three for quite a while.

"We want to improve next season and we want to make sure we are safe in this division.

"Simon (Davey] has the backing of the players, which is important going forward.

"The players can remain silent if they don't have anything to say, but they're behind Simon and that means a great deal."

In my personal opinion, it's the clearest indication yet that the first ten games are now of absolute importance to Simon Davey's tenure at Barnsley. There should not be any formal announcement and it would be unfair to expect the club to do so unless there had been a decision to part company with the present manager.

Mr Cryne has been impeccable in communicating his views to fans, whilst also balancing the feelings of the majority of Reds supporters. It has been a fair and much needed assessment of last season.

Barnsley fans anticipate the response he deserves from SD, his coaching staff and players.

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