The Yorkshire Masters event takes place at the Sheffield Arena on Saturday 18th July, where Barnsley FC will face Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Leeds United, Hull City and Doncaster Rovers.

How are the Masters players chosen?

Masters players have to be 35 at the start of each Masters season.

Many of the players take part in Vets teams for their clubs and an effort is made to ensure each Masters team is made up of those players that contributed as much as possible to their respective club. Fitness, age and availability are also taken into consideration with the goal of maximising each team's potential.

Who would be your chosen six to represent the Reds?

(yeah I know there are subs places too) - pick yours on the basis of Goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and one forward.

This is my stab at frightening the pants off our Yorkshire rivals.

GK - Andy Rhodes
DF - Nicky Eaden
DF - Clayton Blackmore (for extra long range goals)
MF - Neil Redfearn
MF - Dean Gorre
FW - Ashley Ward

Further information on the event can be obtained HERE>

Enter your six choices (with any other comments) HERE>
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Ian Wilkinson

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Julian Hirst said...

If only...........
Peter Springett.
Barry Murphy.
Allan Little
Ronnie Glavin
Derrick Parker
Trevor Aylott

Ey'up Julian, thanks for the comment - but we were supposed to be able to compete with the six you chose.. Once upon a time, I know...!!

Anonymous said...

GK- David Watson
DF- Adie Moses
DF- Gerry Taggart
MF- Neil Redfearn
MF- Craig Hignett
FW- Ashley Ward