According to today's Sheffield Star, Barnsley owner Patrick Cryne is ready to sit down with boss Simon Davey and discuss the Welshman's future.

There was plenty of speculation that Davey was going to be relieved of his Oakwell hot seat after the club only managed to avoid Championship relegation on the last day of the season.

But although Cryne has stressed the need for Davey to build a better rapport with the club's supporters, the multi-millionaire businessman admits his recent comments were a bit strong.

Cryne said: "I think what I said wasn't meant to be as assertive as it came over, I understand the constraints which Simon has to work under. I believe he's a very good young manager who is working within our limitations.

"Unfortunately we are one of the smaller clubs in the division in terms of gates and we're not as fashionable as some of the big city clubs.

"It's always going to be a challenge to be successful in the Championship, but what I want Simon to do is set out an agenda for where he wants to take this club.

"I think when he picked up the mantle from Andy Ritchie he caught some the backlash from our bad form. I think he caught it unfairly.

"But since he's come in, we've become more professional as a club in many different areas. I understand his difficulties, but I have a lot of respect for his talent."

And although Cryne, a Reds fans first and foremost, knows the fans have been quick to get on the manager's back, he is able to distance himself and look at the bigger picture.

Cryne said: "Fans tend to judge the here and now, and you can sympathise with them when results are not going our way. But I'm a fan and I'm able to be a little more tolerant than most fans because I can see what Simon is trying to do with the club. Simon has done well to keep us up, but the fans expect more."

Well Barnsley Fans, on the evidence of this article, I fully expect that Simon Davey will be the man in charge at the start of the new season.

Like most supporters, I have always backed the club, because invariably all managers leave at some point. I now sincerely hope that Davey makes the right decisions to give Barnsley the best possible chance of competing in the Championship - right from the start.

Like myself, I'm positive that Reds fans will expect nothing less.


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Ian Wilkinson

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Jules said...

I think we have to be very patient. Look at clubs such as Everton who have taken 3 slow years with bottom half finishes (and a few near relegation scrapes)to get going, and then it clicks....
We have some stability, and that was missing, Davey learns more each season.... As did Moyes.
Its a long climb, and chopping and changing doesnt work.
PC was obviously worried that someone will step in and pay Davey more and he is left with mediocre applicants for a "Lower Profile" club.

I have to agree with you Jules regarding stability being important to the Club, but as PC has pointed out, he wants to see that SD has "set out an agenda for where he wants to take this club".

It is a long climb, one where you are seeking year on year improvements. In my opinion, we didn't take that step this year. Here's hoping that sticking with SD is the best decision.