OnThePontyEnd-The-PodcastBarnsley Fans, Isn't it time we had a chat together?

This week, OnThePontyEnd.com introduces both Mick Lewis and Paul Wilkinson to the forum.

Both are avid fans of Barnsley Football Club, both fellas count themselves as lifelong supporters of the Reds. (Maybe you can also remember the January steam! - Mick explains!). I can assure you, it wasn't a promotion push in most cases.

Last night, just before the Coventry game, we talked about the situation Barnsley FC currently occupy, but also the permanent place the club has always played in their lives.

We also talk about the highs and lows of being a Reds fan this season.

Who's your Player of the season? Mick and Paul offer up their favourites. Is Simon Davey the right man to lead the Reds? Find out what our panel thought.

Right here, we discuss our opinions on the season so far, it's potential end and beyond.

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