I'll keep this brief, whilst being controversial at the same time? This is entirely speculation of course, from a source!!
  • Davey will not be Manager next season, regardless of our outcome!
  • JCR will not play against Reading!
Now, that begs the questions; Who are the team playing for? And why are our best players not being given an opportunity to help the squad?

Something's wrong at the Reds and despite the "Unity" posters, there is a capable squad there who seem as though they have resigned on our faith and are now disappearing. WTF?

There's a credit crunch on, over the entire world. Unless you are playing for Chelsea or Man City - YOU ARE NOT EXCLUDED! It's a privilege and an honour to represent any team at professional level, but come on lads now, this IS Barnsley and you must know what that means.

For your own integrity, play the fookin' game and get us the points we need.

Apart from the Club, when Steve Chettle opens his gob, do people in Barnsley really listen?

Now Reds, go and make yourselves heroes!! You know why? When the dust settles, when you lose your place in the side / or any side - you become just another man. What YOU do next - will be remembered for a long while to come.

EG - Ian Woan anyone? Reputations mean nothing in Barnsley, unless they were earned here!

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Ian Wilkinson

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