KesThought I ought to pass this one on.

Published in a blog on film-making, appeared an excerpt originally released by Barnsley's official website as an "April Fool".

It concerns and I quote: "Barnsley will pioneer a Football League initiative whereby their players and managers will wear microphones wired up to the Oakwell PA system as part of an anti-swearing campaign."

However, this begins to take on a different tone as the writer (does a quick Wiki) and muses further on Barnsley and it's people.

"Barnsley is in Yorkshire, in the north of England, and is a traditional old mining town. Not much mining there these days ... but I’m sure the rough and ready traditions of swearing continues unaltered!

"Might be worth looking at the web sites of Barnsley FC and the Football League to find out more - and see whether I could work something similar into our campaign."

WTF ??

It got me thinking. Okay, maybe this was originally an "April Fool", that has been misconstrued massively and then seemingly re-written out of concept in a new post. But let's take a compliment when we receive one.

It is recognised that "In the rough and ready tradition", we're professional swearists!

I call on you Reds, remain unaltered. Come Saturday, let them Yam-Yam's have it with both barrels.

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Ian Wilkinson

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