If stability at Oakwell is paramount in your thinking at the moment, the average fan could be forgiven if they're totally stumped by some of the stories floating around in the media over the last week or so.

Some hacks have speculated on the possibility of Keith Hill falling on his sword, others tout him as an in-demand character, who's in the running for almost every Championship vacancy going.

As an online destination that was born to encourage debate amongst supporters, I'm guessing that there will probably be readers here who believe that "Hillcroft's" tenure at Barnsley FC has already gone way beyond its zenith. Whilst there will be others who are convinced that in time, this particular management double-act are the keys to the club's prosperity and a better league position.

Hands up. I'm part of the latter. And yes, it's a position that I find quite challenging at times, but I have a theory that might help others understand why I remain convinced I'm right. You see, it's all about "doubling"!


The human mind is a funny thing. It can't cope with large projects. Instructions such as, "Make one million pounds from nothing," or "put a man on the moon" are likely to be met with inaction. The project is just too large - you cannot get your mind around it.

These large projects can only be handled if they are broken down into a series of easy steps. In fact, "the longest journey starts with the first step" is a very true saying. Anything is achievable if you break it down into 'bite-sized' steps.

Following a process, it teaches you to start from nothing. In fact, given a mixture of both time and tactics, anyone can make a £MILLION in just 28 steps from a starting point of just 1p.

Yes, in just 28 steps, you can go from pauper to plutocrat, providing each decision you make is the correct one at each stage, "doubling" your position at every step, for example 1p to 2p, 2p to 4p, 4p to 8p and so on ... I'm sure you get it!

Don't get me wrong. This isn't my manifesto for supporter ownership at Oakwell; although if you would like to find your way to financial independence through this method and a place on the Barnsley FC board, there's places online dedicated to this sort of challenge.

My point is simple. I believe that Mssrs Hillcroft and Fltcroft have a blueprint built on a similar system.

Ask yourself:

Do we have a superior scouting network now?
Are we finally realising profits and prospects from our academy?
Is the style of football at Barnsley FC maximising the resources we have?

It's these types of questions and not just results alone which are the litmus test for where this club is right now. With further financial investment, how quickly could their plan progress?

Thanks for reading. As always, I would be delighted to hear your comments on my views in this article (below) or give me a shout on Twitter via @OnThePontyEnd

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Ian Wilkinson

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Getatem said...

Loved it and totally agree. If the supporters or club seniors have anything to do with Hillcroft's eventual departure from our club I fear all would regret it!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the fans should be careful what they wish for! I heard a fan of around 30, the other day honestly asking why we couldn't find a striker like Ronaldo, unbelievable!

DT NYC said...

Great article. Even though I don’t always agree with KH’s decisions, I think he is without a doubt the best man for the job. I agree with KH’s assessment about this negative cloud that circulates around the club, and it kicks in soon as we hit a sticky patch. I am working outside of the UK currently but I listened to parts of the Derby game yesterday. Because the Barnsley commentary wasn’t working 1st half, I was listening in to what the Derby commentators had to say on the match. Funnily enough they were talking about the false expectations of Barnsley supporters, the very low budget, the low attendances of our home games, and the overriding point that if we survive this season it will be a great job done by KH.

It seems the only people that don’t realize the financial pressures we are up against is some of these idiot supporters asking for a change of management. The bookies have us as one of the favourites to go down, and KH is being linked with a number of jobs elsewhere. Why? Because it is recognized outside of the club that he is doing a good job with his hands tied. If you join up the dots it gives much more perspective on the situation.

Sadly some of our so called supporters don’t have the awareness to understand, and they could play a big part in our down fall as somebody said last week “things are coming to a head”. I wish they would go away.