Supporters have been asked to join in a minutes applause on Saturday 24th November, during our match against Cardiff City on 70 minutes, out of respect for Arthur Wilson - a true lifelong Barnsley FC fan who has sadly passed away.

Arthur was born on 20 March 1942 in Kendray and was a committed Barnsley FC supporter since 1948. His favourite players were Johnny Kelly and Harry Hough, and recent players Neil Redfearn, Craig Hignett and Bobby Hassell.

He was also chairman of the Penistone Reds and had not missed a game at either home or away in last 5 years, up until his illness at the start of this current campaign.

His funeral will be held on 27th November 2012 at 11:30 at Ardsley Crematorium.

Arthur's son Andrew has been in contact to ask if if we could extend an invitation on his behalf to anyone who wishes to attend the service and pay their respects, but also adds, "can all guests wear red and white if possible or a football shirt".

On behalf of OnThePontyEnd, we wish to extend our sincere condolences to Arthur Wilson's family and close friends. We feel that a minutes applause is the least we can do as fans to acknowledge the passing of one of our own.
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Anonymous said...

Nice gesture, perhaps something handed out at the ground or something over the tannoy.

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From The Bluebirds.

Respect to the Cardiff City fans who have left comments on this post today.