If you've arrived here expecting to find an exposé on the workings at Oakwell - you won't find it. Not today. I'm like you - an ordinary hyper-frustrated Barnsley FC fan in desperate need of a pick-me-up!

Barnsley were not on a level playing field with Saturday's opponents Huddersfield, according to boss Keith Hill in the media just 24 hours before!

"I'm not surprised by Huddersfield's start," Hill said. "Just look at who they have recruited and it will give some sort of indication to their budget. You don't have to be a mathematician when you consider the players they have brought in. "It's like putting a Mini and a Rolls Royce on a starting grid. The Mini might win over a sprint but the Championship isn't a sprint."

So maybe, the low expectations of fellow Reds fans, who feared the worst today was justified too. Especially when the comparisons being made were stark, despite the fact that this is 'Udders first season back in the Championship since the milleneum.

Okay, they've made some notable signings and The Terriers could count on the likes of Paul Dixon, Joel Lynch and Sean Scannell amongst their number in their starting eleven today, but Rolls Royce-esque they're not - NO WAY!

Even if it were true, any kid who grew up in 70s will tell you, in Top Trumps - there's much more than 0-60 and even mpg to give you a fair way of beating a Rolls Royce and other high spec vehicles.

Paul Dixon arrived in the summer from Dundee United, with no experience of English Football, having played over 120 games in the SPL. Was he even on the radar of EPL clubs like Wigan Athletic, Stoke City and  Norwich? Nah!

Joel Lynch - has played less than 50% of available games in the last few seasons at Notts Forrest. Sean Scannell fared slightly worse in his five seasons at Crystal Palace.

Simon Church on paper is Championship class through and through and deservedly should have been considered a threat today, but the rest have played the majority of their careers in League One and lower - including former Wealdstone and part-time windscreen fitter for the RAC (until 2006) Jermaine Beckford!

Surely then Mr Hill, it's all about how you play your hand? In my opinion it really doesn't help when you talk the opposition up so highly and then blame the fans for being negative afterwards.

Nobody expects a promotion push or to be bothering the play-offs soon on the level of investment we have available, but we're not being visited by the football gods either on a weekly basis, we should be able to compete over 90 minutes and 46 games. An "impossible dream"?

Shuffle the pack if you have to, deal the cards again. Fans want to believe that at our party we're always more likely to beat our guests at games, regardless of the car they arrived in!

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Ian Wilkinson

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Anonymous said...

Keith Hill is shooting himself in the foot with his almost daily rants regarding his inadequate budget.

He is detroying the confidence of the squad by labelling them second-raters. Supporters don't like being told that the club is going nowhere and interest is on the wane.

I like the guy and think he has done well with the style of football being played but it's time now to quietly get on with the job and get some confidence back in the squad.