Fearing that his first eleven may have become transparent and predictable to Championship opposition, Keith Hill is delighted to have captured Emile Sinclair on loan from Peterborough United until 19 January.

"I just can't keep going with the same old, same old," Hillcroft revealed to BBC Sports Journalist and Broadcaster Rob Staton today. "there's time to shake it up psychologically, there's times to shake it up to show the opposition you've got a different strategy".

Sinclair was placed on the transfer list at London Road last week along with three of his teammates for an alleged breach of club discipline, following their recent defeat to Crystal Palace in the league.

Sky Sports revealed last week that Barnsley failed with a bid for both Barnett and Sinclair, but now they have returned to finalise his capture.

“With Emile you get pace - and that scares defences to death,” Reds’ boss Keith Hill told The Star. “He’s a really good signing for us.”

Listen Rob Staton's full interview with Keith Hill below.

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