Let me first of all assure everyone, this is not my opportunity to scoff at the official club site or FL Interactive Limited, but has anybody panicked today over the squad profile of James O'Brien.

If the player profiles are to be believed, we've just signed a 20 year old from the Bantam's on a pre-contract agreement.

But hang on, I hear you say. Isn't the lad in question coming all the way from Motherwell with a guitar strapped to his back? For the record, there's been a slip up on someone's part. Wikipedia provides all the details of the bona fide Barnsley FC player, James O'Brien here.

Next up, prepare yourselves for the signing of the century.


But of course, don't believe the profile, even if it does suggest we've won the signature of the Portuguese "Winker". With the form we've seen today, it's far more likely to be the human tin-opener from Brazil instead !!

Forget England temporarily, have a great weekend.

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Ian Wilkinson

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