Most of you will already be aware of the debacle of 1919 and the bizarre circumstances which prevented Barnsley's automatic promotion to top flight football after the First World War.

I'm pleased to announce that I have a response from the Football League, but unfortunately no further information,

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your email. Although I am not able to answer you questions directly, I would point you in the direction of two organisations that have close historical ties to the Football League:

The National Football Museum, Preston – has a significant amount of historical material on loan from the FL – 01772 908 442.

Lancashire Record Office, Preston – recently took possession of our national archive which, it is hoped, will be available to the public this summer - 01772 533 039.

I would hope that the information you seek is available from one of these sources.

Kind Regards

Customer Services Department
The Football League Ltd

The quest for more details hasn't ended, but the answer is seemingly lost in time.

Keep your eyes on this space.

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Ian Wilkinson

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Anonymous said...

The same (or similar) would probably happen now. If we were tied with say Newcastle. Guess who would go up!(lol!)
On another note, getting a bit worrying about the lack of transfer news from the Well. We've got to hope that Davey has something good lined up and not just other players nubdy wants. We can hope, like allus