For those of you who may have noticed, the Tesco carrier bag went 1-0 up at half time; drifting in from the left before nestling in the North Stand goal on 41 minutes. We had been waiting patiently for the deadlock to be broken.

As soon as half-time came, off he drifted gain, but this time toward aisle 24 of the Stairfoot branch - to be on hand, to assist an elderly shopper who found themselves bereft of just one more bag. What a performance!

Many may have assumed that a Jack Fulton's carrier had finally made it's Oakwell debut, but to those aficionados amongst you would have easily recognised a standard fare - Barnsley Market - "better double bag it" regular, mark the second half with an easy effort into the Ponty End Goal. 2- 0.

The rest of the afternoon just seemed scrappy. Random serviettes, "Viscount" wrappers and even a piece of tin foil tried to make their mark, but that's how it ended.

Oh, and Barnsley were beaten 1-0 at home today by Blackpool. WTF?

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Ian Wilkinson

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Anonymous said...

Tha's talking rubbish!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I enjoyed that.