It has been an incredible first year for Daniel Stendel at Barnsley. Transforming a team that had no identity and seemingly no plan. Can the Reds keep him for the long term and maintain their progress?

How many times this summer have we heard, this signing is going to be the one that is going to be the one that catapults the Reds into the stratosphere of the Championship top ten. However no member of the playing staff is going to be the one key for this if it were to happen even if they were to display stellar performances, for me it would be the man that sends them out onto the pitch and coaches them day in day out, and that man is Daniel Stendel.

When Herr Stendel took over from Jose Morais in the Summer of 2018, it was anyone's guess as to what he would be like. He spoke no English, and after the nightmare that was Morais' short but ill-fated reign as manager, many might have wondered, what if we have a repeat? However what followed was anything but that.

Transforming a team that had no identity and pretty much no plan has to be highly commended, never mind turning them into an incredible gegenpressing team, and getting the best out of players like; Alex Mowatt, Mama Thiam and Dimi Cavare. Finishing second in the division was also very impressive, and is another incredible achievement. You can read even more about this in my piece in the August edition of 'World Soccer Magazine'.

However, moving onto the future, I truly do not think we will understand how brilliant Stendel will be for us in the Championship. We can attack the Championship with a style of football that is very unique, and with Stendel at the helm I can see us doing something incredible. If you only cast your mind back to last season, Norwich won the Championship playing a similar way to Stendel, the gegenpress. Could we do the same? It truly is possible after all, a lot of our new players are unknown quantities, the likes of Bambo Diaby, Sam Radlinger and Mads Andersen really could become superb Championship players.

Tying him down would be a real statement of intent, and after the actions of 'Ecky and those who have preceded him, It is key so that he doesn't get poached. Singlehandedly, apart from the finance side of things, he will have attracted many a laiker to Oakwell this season, and if we get an incredible season in the Championship under our belts, who knows what calibre of player he may be able to attract come this time next year?

Paul Conway, you have one mission, tie him down!

What do you think? All feedback is appreciated, if you want to feed something back to me or merely want a chat about BFC you can find me on twitter, my handle is @TomOTPE.
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