The eight essential qualities that any owner / custodian of Barnsley Football Club should bring to the role.

There's been a fantastic response over the last few days to our recent post, Why Barnsley FC are not set up for success, by Michael Roache. Whether you agree with any or all of his points, it has certainly been an article that has resonated with a number of supporters, especially in the comments they have left on the site and other feedback within the twittersphere.

Stepping into debate is John Meara, a regular reader and friend of OnThePontyEnd. If you're listening Mr Cryne, Mr Mansford et al, here's John's view on the eight essential qualities he feels that any owner / custodian of Barnsley Football Club should bring to the role.


There can only be one winner of any competition, but to hold our own in the Championship like we used to would be a fantastic achievement. More likely, holding our own in Division 1 has to be the short term priority. Sell this aim to the fans.


Being realistic means being honest with the fanbase. If the aim is consolidation in Division 1 then say so. Being honest also means not selling your best player the day after the deadline for season ticket renewals (Craig Hignett).


In order to build pride in the Club the team has to be competitive. This does not mean winning every game but it does mean getting 1.5 points per game over the course of a season.


In my experience, players like Ronnie Glavin or Neil Redfearn only come round every 15 years or so. Stop wasting money on ageing professionals and spend the money on developing the talent which is out there. Recruit locally. Accept that this strategy will mean selling good prospects from time to time. Celebrate their success.


Clubs want season ticket sales. This means playing well at home and winning most of your home games.


Aim to sell most tickets at home and price matches accordingly. Create an atmosphere.


Employing a new manager every 12 months does not work. Find the right person to deliver the strategy and stick by them.


Sell this vision. Employ people who can effectively represent the Club in the community. Give meaningful press conferences - not the same old cliches.

What do you think readers? Do you agree with John or would you add further qualities to this list?We would love to hear your views. Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook, or leave your comments on this post below.
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