Just some of our favourite excerpts and quotes from Barnsley manager, Danny Wilson, during his illustrious career in football.

The beautiful game can boast a pantheon of iconic football orators. The soundbites attributed to legends like Bill Shankly and Brian Clough are fondly recalled numerous times across the media. No doubt, they were the seed of the now common "alternative' pre or post match interview.

José Mourinho, Gordon Strachan, Ian Holloway and all have followed suit; demonstrating that they are faithful students of the genre by regularly serving up their own fair share of pathos and humour too. But they're not alone. Danny Wilson has enjoyed his moments in the sun too.

Here's a few of our favourite excerpts and quotes from Danny Wilson, said during his illustrious career in football management:

"I told my centre-backs that if they can keep their heads while all about them are losing theirs - they're out of position again" - (Danny Wilson, 1997) taken from Tell Him He's Pele: The Greatest Collection of Humorous Football Quotations Ever!
"I'm uncomfortable with all this fame and adulation. Before this I think I was just seen by most people as a little twat!" - (Danny Wilson, 1997) taken from Do I Not Like That: One-liners, Wise Words, Gaffes and Blunders from the World's Greatest Football Managers 
"If we were getting murdered every week, I'd be panicking. As it is, I'm not anxious" - Danny Wilson, Sheffield Wednesday Manager before losing 8 - 0 at Newcastle United."  
"I would go as far as to say that I don't expect the lads to lose again all season" - Wilson's upbeat message to Owl's supporters in The Guardian (13 March 2000). Eight weeks later, Sheffield Wednesday were relegated from the Premier League  - nice work Agent Wilson! 
“We’ve got nothing to fear at all and if we can beat them on Saturday then it would give me enormous pleasure for more than one reason.” - Wilson not bitter more than a decade after Hillsborough exit.

And who could forget this classic ...

"I used to be so careless, as if I couldn't care less. Did I have to make mistakes, when I was Mary's prayer?" from Danny Wilson's #3 UK Chart Hit in March 1988.

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