In an attempt to spread our bets on the eventual shape of League One this season, we continue our blog series by trying to understand what ingedients made the "secret sauce" of success for last season's champions Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Last week we published Part One in this new series, gaining a fantastic insight in to life in League One from the perspective of a Rotherham United follower on their journey as new arrivals in the division to their eventual promotion through the play-offs last season.

In an attempt to spread our bets on the eventual shape of League One this season, we continue our blog series by trying to understand what ingedients made the "secret sauce" of success for last season's champions Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Was there really more to the story than just their superior financial klout and fanatical following?

We asked members of the popular forum WolvesBlog, who were kind enough to answer just some of these questions. Here's a selection of answers they provided to OnThePontyEnd.

Prior to the start of the 2013/14 season, how was the playing squad enhanced to mount a serious challenge in League One following relegation from the Championship?

Before the start of the season the squad was a hotchpotch of (mostly poor) players brought into the club under the previous failed regimes. Kenny Jackett's first act as Wolves manager was to transfer list the overpaid wasters and 'big time Charlies'.

What was the general mood and expectation of the Wolves supporters at the beginning of the 2013/14 season?

All things considered the general mood of the fans was one of excitement. Some disillusioned souls drifted away and to be honest I can't blame them after the previous 3 or 4 seasons.

In your opinion, are there any dramatic differences amongst the mix of opposition that Barnsley FC are likely to face next season. If so, what assumptions can we make?

The teams in League One are often better than the standard in the Championship, but the biggest difference is that most lack the kind of strikers that can punish you.

Wolverhapton Wanders were a unique commodity in League One last season; easily able to boast of the largest following home and away by a country mile, with finances equally bolstered by Premier League parachute payments. Despite this giant status, how did Kenny Jacket galvanise success at Molineux where others had failed?

Kenny Jackett made sure that the players bought into the future and history of the club and that the fans and players were "on the same page" so to speak. Previous regimes had destroyed this relationship. Fans felt completely alienated by some of the vastly overpaid players we had. Kenny has turned this situation around and brought in exciting young players to whom the fans can relate.

Apart from Brentford and Rotherham, did you ever feel that any other sides could have made the leap from League One last season, based on their performances versus Wolves?

After Leyton Orient's excellent season I think they deserved to be promoted. Unfortunately the winds of football didn't blow in their favour and the rest is history.

From your perspective, what were the key moments or events in your season which helped catapult your club forward to success?

There were five key points that turned the tide in our favour. The first was keeping Sako after all of the speculation in the transfer window. The arrivals of Kevin McDonald, James Henry, Michael Jacobs and Nouha Dicko were the other four. Not only did Dicko's goals push us over the line, but he reinvigorated a flagging Sako by giving him a best friend within the camp.

If you could describe the Wolves style of play in League One in just one sentence. What would it be?

Fluid, entertaining football with plenty of flair added to the mixture.

What was your most successful formation?

We had the most success with the 4-2-3-1 formation. McDonald and Price formed a fantastic partnership in front of the back four, keeping possession effectively for us. The attacking midfield three were very fluid and often interchanged. The lone striker (usually Dicko) offered goals plus searing pace on the break.

We wish you the very best of luck in the Championship for next season, but with one look over your shoulder at the teams now left in the tier below, who do you think will be in the top six of the bunch?

For me the top six in League One will consist of Sheffield United, Preston North End, Barnsley, Yeovil Town and Leyton Orient, with Walsall just making it in having massively overachieved.

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

League One is a more entertaining league than I had ever imagined. Approach it with the respect it deserves and not with arrogance. When we were relegated to the Championship many fans assumed that we only had to turn up to games to win them - how wrong were we? All that's left to say is good luck.

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