We want to find the players who you consider to be the best and the worst strikers in Barnsley FC history.

We all have our opinions. Right?

Every Barnsley FC fan, from every generation and age group might easily provide a list of their "Kings" and "Clowns" in every department at Oakwell. 

Through our network of followers on Twitter, we've collated a list of strikers from the annuls of recent and past history. From the players nominated, we want to find those that you consider to be the best and the worst.

Of course, we realise that the outcome can never be officially conclusive, but your support is especially appreciated. The survey will take just one minute to complete and will help us carry your voice in to an important national campaign which will be launched very soon, including contributions from the best bloggers from each of the 72 Football League Clubs.

Please visit & complete the survey here.

Follow @OnThePontyEnd on Twitter and feel free to add your views on this post by commenting below. Thanks in advance for your help!

(Please note the players listed are totally arbitrary choices and may not include players who statistically or otherwise should have been included - Ed)
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Ian Wilkinson

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