The Football Blogging Awards 2012

The awards ceremony, recognising and awarding the best of football blogging.

The FBAs are the only awards designed for football blogs and bloggers which are decided entirely by the public. has been running since 2008, entirely on a non-profit basis. Our content has grown from being simply a personal blog from the perspective of "Wilky", to a host of articles submitted by regular and one-off contributors.

(Ed: A special mention to Michael Roach @MichaelRoach55 for his regular input!)

This year, The FBAs offer us an opportunity in three categories and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

- Male Football Blog #Male
- Veteran Football Blog (Running for at least 3 years) #Veteran
- Football Club Specific Blog #Club

There are two ways you can help and vote. Twitter and Facebook. For a vote to be counted it must follow the simple rules below.

Twitter: To vote for a blog using Twitter, tweet to @TheFBAs with the blogs username @OnThePontyEnd and the relevant #category hashtag

Example @TheFBAs @OnThePontyEnd #Veteran

Facebook: Find polls on the award's Facebook page and vote for the blog on the drop down list. If you cannot see this blog you can add it to the list.

It would be amazing to receive the recognition from our readers for such an auspicious occasion that The FBA's promise to be. It's a chance to look back on the positive material we have brought to fellow Barnsley FC fans, above and beyond that of the traditional or official sites.

Our own highlights have probably been the Podcast, especially our time with Red's Legend, Eric Winstanley, but we've loved to tackle the bizarre and funny inside track at Oakwell too. Do any of you remember the satirical "Remake of Sgt. Peppers"?

Your following, your backing and your votes (in instances like this) give everybody who donates their time to this site the energy to keep going. Please spare just a couple of minutes to lend your voice to the cause of OnThePontyEnd. We're grateful.

Best wishes,

Wilky (Editor)
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Mike Smith said...

Best wishes for the 14th July - as long as you get the silver medal behind me !