I'm just loving Twitter at the moment. The ability it provides to have banter and feedback with fellow Reds fans and the opposition is almost limitless and instant.

Today proved again why OnThePontyEnd relishes the games against the so-called bigger teams, especially as we've just taken another notable scalp.

Starting this morning, I latched onto a ridiculously inaccurate post from the Leeds blog 'The Scratching Shed', The Arrogant Ramblings Of Deluded Barnsley Manager. Take a look at the post yourself, but that set my day up. I knew that Barnsley FC had the capacity to outplay Leeds United today, especially when the opposition take up such a pathetic superiority over our 'Little Club'.
Next up  Andrew Tinkler (@andytinkler) piped up with his tweet, making the whole of Leeds slump and put their head in their hands (more likely, if they removed them from their arses first).

Despite the wonder strike from McCormack on 55 minutes, Barnsley continued to frustrate the home team and potentially gain more from their spoils. Nervously, as an armchair supporter on this occasion, we made it to the finish with all three points and Chris Thompson (@10christ) summed up the feeling perfectly.

Quickly followed up by a very sarcastic Steve Harris (@dcsteveharris) ...

Yes we've gained the bragging rights today. And rightly so, Barnsley FC fans should gloat, not just at the result but the manner in which we played and outclassed Leeds United today, in their own back yard.

For too long over the last few seasons, the media have Barnsley as automatic relegation certainties. Minnows in the Championship? Certainly not. Not only have we played more games and retained our status in the second tier longer than any football league club in the country, the statistics back it up.

The All Time League Table demonstrates we have more points earned in the second tier also. Whilst we may not be awash with stars or cash, we have always and will have a credible football club at Barnsley who should never be taken lightly. In Keith Hill, we have a top class manager who will have an excellent managerial career both here and beyond Oakwell. This is just the start!

But to top my day off came this from the account of a Pseudo Keill Hill (@Not_Keith_Hill)

Now whilst I know this did not come from the genuine man himself, it kind of sums up his sense of humour in a nutshell. Maybe a point that the Scratching Shed Blogger should have realised before he posted this morning. 

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