Hopefully, everybody knows how passionately I and the rest of us feel about our beloved football club, but feel frustrated by comments from inside the club that claim we lack any "football education".

We are fully aware of the so called reality we are in, but basic standards were missing on Saturday, such as closing down the opposition quickly and reinforcing every effort with back-up. We were playing at a pace that was simply not exciting.

It provides no pleasure to anyone to criticise the team when our support is vitally needed, but let's be fair, it's a two way street.

Sometimes the fixture itself gives the occasion the edge, for example a clash with Leeds United or a strong ex-Premier league side and maybe one day again a lowly Sheffield team. But equally, when that isn't the case, the players have to demonstrate that it matters just as much.

Most fans will probably tell you, as they did to me, that four points from the next two games prior to the Bristol City game would be realistic. Now we need three points against Hull City and that might be a bigger ask.

Players will make mistakes, Barnsley FC will concede goals, fans will occasionally be nervous. But overall, if the effort is there, it will always be reciprocated.

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Ian Wilkinson

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