Young Barnsley winger, Reuben Noble-Lazarus, has received the hair-dryer treatment from his coach, Keith Hill, for spending too much time on social networking website Twitter.

Noble-Lazarus, who made his first start for the first time on April 25, earlier this year, in a tie with Doncaster tweeted about his ankle injury; more specifically, that he was on his way to meet a specialist. Anyone following the Championship football betting will know this is a blow.

The tweet was posted on October 19, on Noble-Lazarus' personal page, ReubenCNL. The 18-year-old posts regularly, on topics ranging from his activities at Barnsley, to his plans for the day.

"Reuben shouldn't be on Twitter for a start", Keith Hill told The Star. "Reuben should be concentrating on his career, unless he wants one in media. It's typical of youth today."

Hill suggested that Noble-Lazarus should "spend more time" with Barnsley's press officer, Mark Stokes, if he wants to "spend a lifetime Twittering".

Fortunately, for fans of Noble-Lazarus' commentary (all 845 of them), he has not stopped tweeting, despite his boss' apparent disdain for the player's pastime.

The youngster is currently one of a number of Barnsley players to have been ruled out of competition with an injury, Jay McEveley and Bobby Hassell becoming the most recent victims, last week. "We really are down to the bare bones", Keith Hill explained. Fans of football betting will be wondering how the side will get on in the coming weeks.

Noble-Lazarus, who has not had much of a season since scoring his first goal for Barnsley at the end of the 2010/11 campaign, said that his injury was "depressing", on his Twitter page
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