The unique nature of networks such as Facebook and Twittter seem to provide partnerships that ordinarily would seem like rivalries. Therefore, this instance provides one example of that.

Recently, OnThePontyEnd was contacted by Dan Williams, the chief at the excellent Sunderland Blog, "The Roker Report". We were simply asked, "We have an interview piece you can have from [the legend that is] Higgy, do you want it?

We replied "What do you want from us"

They said "Now't" or words to that effect, we said YES PLEASE and here it is ...

You can follow Dan on Twitter @daninfrance

Hi Craig, thanks for taking the time to have a few words with me...

DW: Do you still follow Barnsley?
HIGGY: Yes, I still look out for the results of every game.

DW: Are you still in touch with anyone from the club in your time there?
HIGGY: I still see John Hendrie occasionally, and speak to Matty Appleby, Kevin Richardson and Geoff Thomas.

DW: How were you 'sold' the club at the time?
HIGGY: John Hendrie was manager at the time, I was at Aberdeen and needed to get back south, so the club didn't need selling to me, I came to Barnsley because John was a former teammate of mine at Boro.

DW: What is your best memory in a Barnsley shirt?
HIGGY: I had lots of great memories, but definitely my debut against Huddersfield when we won 7-1 and the playoff game away at Birmingham, which we won 4-0.

DW: Who would you say are the best players that you played with/against at the club?
HIGGY: There were lots of good players there at the time, Darren Barnard was a great ball striker, Neil Shipperley was an excellent target man, so it would be hard to say. Best players that I played against at the club would be Damien Duff or Eidur Gudjohnson.

And in general...

DW: How is the coaching coming along?
HIGGY: Good thanks, I'm at the academy at Boro and should have my A licence finished this year, the hard bit is getting a job!

DW: Do you enjoy the media work, is it something that you would like to carry on, or does management appeal to you?
HIGGY: Yes I enjoy the media work, but my ambition is to coach and manage.

DW:What is your favourite football memory, from any period of your career?
HIGGY: I've got lots, my first ever goal at the Riverside against Chelsea, cup finals I played in, goals against Liverpool and Everton, and the goal at Wembley in the Playoff Final. I don't really have a favourite one.

And finally, one more question...

Do you think 'we' would have won the playoff final if you had taken that first penalty?

HIGGY: :)..... Ha, we will never know, but it would have been a different game 2nd half !!!

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