We already know it. Perhaps you've already had countless conversations yourself with fellow fans and seen the comments on Twitter an so on. British journalists have written us out of the plot this season; but in particular, it's the manner in which it's happening that's so annoying.

Television for instance provides one example. Nottingham Forest v Barnsley; including the return to England of the former national coach, McClaren. Okay, so the result was 0-0 and perhaps, that doesn't make for entertaining TV. But their suggestion that Forest had simply had a bad day at the office, were short on resources, would improve and that Barnsley were nowhere near up to the challenge to turn them over, became "Barnsley frustrated new Nottingham Forest manager Steve McClaren to earn a deserved point in an uninspiring draw" as the lead paragraph.

Away from television, who hasn't heard that despite his 23 goals last season, Craig Davies is untested at this level? Yet the same people have Rickie Lambert, from today's opposition Southampton, down as a dynamic goal machine? Don't get me wrong, Lambert is the kind of player I admire and would love to see at Barnsley FC, but please, lets have some balance when making comparisons. Reporters should note that Lambert has never played at Championship level.

Maybe readers could reel off many more examples; although, I'm not necessarily digging for them. Just look out for the next time Barnsley are part of the "featured game", probably being humbled in a 4-0 defeat, but brushed over when claiming a 4-0 victory. Listen to the percentage of coverage we receive on the local radio versus our lower division neighbours. Count the times when the hard work and talent of the players at Barnsley FC is regarded as fortunate, and the failing opposition as hapless and below par on the day.

They don't care about us. Rant over. Let the siege mentality ensue. Come on you Reds!
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Ian Wilkinson

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