LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 08:  Bobby Hassell o...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIt's been at difficult week for players and fans of Barnsley FC. Perhaps for that reason alone, I was delighted to receive a guest article from fellow Reds fan, Alison Lambert. It is a pleasure to have read and to share with readers her philosophy on the supposed troubles at Oakwell. Barnsley Supporters can follow Alison on Twitter: @Just_Allie. Thanks Alison, there's tons of bottle in your message ...

Well where to start? I remember, back when we had the "old faithful", legendary names like Neil Redfearn, Craig Hignett, Matty Appleby and more recently ‘Sir’ Bobby Hassell at Barnsley. We never had fans booing at our team back then. We could have future legends at our club yet, but it all starts with our help. 
Do we call ourselves supporters or fans? What's the difference? Fans just stick with Barnsley through the good times, but supporters stick with the club, team and lads through the hard times, such as in the Davey Days and yes I’ll chance using the saying that every cloud has a sliver lining. 
As for where and when the silver lining will appear, well lets just say that we can give our lads more than what were giving them at the minute. If we are the genuine supporters we say we are, then we need to SUPPORT our lads. I remember this time last season, we lost five and drew one in the first few matches under Robins; we gave him a chance and warmed to him. 
I am in no way standing up for Hill regardless; however, I am standing up for our lads on the pitch who are under continuous pressure to give us results. 
All of us supporters should make a pledge to support our lads. Afterall, even the Prem. lads have blunders on the pitch. All we ask is to keep the faith. Support by singing until we cant sing no more and still keep trying. Stand and watch the lads even in wind/snow/rain risking cold and flu. 
This is my plea to all Barnsley Football Club supporters to follow, no matter what; good or bad, cheer on the Super Reds. There's nothing wrong with criticism, as long as its constructive. In bad times, remember those amazing matches you know we have won. Cherish the good times. Make it to as many games as possible. Keep positive. Sing loud. Cheer louder. Stand tall. Show off your shirt. Be proud to be Barnsley and show ‘em that our crowd CAN get behind the Super Reds, to prove to opposition that the support and atmosphere is back at Oakwell to stay!!!
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