What began as a brief delay became a period of being busy "doing other things" and eventually led to a spell of total apathy towards writing about our Reds. Simply the words wouldn't come, let alone spill over in to a blog post or two.

That said, I was at Oakwell throughout the games which led to the season's close; but even the shock departure of Mark Robins couldn't shake me from my inertia.

So what's changed?

Probably very little yet. Will the new man at the helm bring any improvement? It's probably very hard to speculate on that right now.

So, it's another new start. And yes, there may be a sense of excitement growing inside again.

The Reds will shortly be sporting their smart new Nike kits and we can begin to dream again. What if we can over-achieve against others expectations, just how far will we go?

Before then, I'll spruce up the site for another tilt at observing the season progress.

Maybe this time out we will get a decent cup run? We could even see a few "Premiership Dreamers" humbled ... And those are the days we flock to the 'well to see.

I'm going to park any feelings I have about 2010/11. That line has been well and truly drawn. Another new start feels better.

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Ian Wilkinson

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