Perhaps if you were thinking that I would be referring to today's performance versus Ipswich Town, you were wrong ... at least for now anyway!

No, I'm referring to an earlier experience today, which if you were following OnThePontyEnd via Twitter, ended in a disappointing Tweet about my under par performance on Howie Pressman's (Radio Sheffield) Saturday Quiz, the "Full Fans 90 Challenge".

Yep, there were some silly mistakes, but I can only put that down to nerves and the fact that I had been up earlier than usual for a Saturday, as the whole thing was pre-recorded.

And yes, I would expect that everybody else would have got them all right. Perhaps, this was a serious fail, but I thought I would share it with you all nonetheless. Enjoy :0)

Howard Pressman Quiz 12-02-2011 by OnThePontyEnd

Thank you to Howie Pressman and the team at Radio Sheffield for inviting me on, I appreciate the promotion that they gave to the site.

You can catch Howie's programme on Radio Sheffield from 3-7pm every weekday with great music, great guests and a look at the issues which matter to you. He's back from 10am-2pm on Saturday.

Hopefully, I won't receive any threats to remove the clip (I didn't receive an appearance fee or a mug, plus I pay my licence fee you know!!).
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