An interesting statistic has come to light as a result of last weekends win over Sheffield United. Did you know that if Barnsley gain victory over Millwall today, the Reds will become the first club to win 1,000 matches in the second tier of English football?

So when was the first victory?

Well according to the history books, it all began on September 1st 1898 versus Luton with the Reds recording their first ever victory at this level, with goals from John McArtney (Penalty) and Harry Davis with the winner.

Up for grabs then, three points plus the accolades for the history boys?

Update 12:30 pm, 18/12/2010:

This afternoon's Den meeting between Millwall and Barnsley has been postponed due to the heavy snow which is currently falling in London.

The Lions had been confident the game would go ahead because of their undersoil heating.

However, they were advised at noon by the police and the referee not to let the match take place.

A severe weather warning is in force for the capital this afternoon, which is set to cause a rapid deterioration in conditions.

Next up: Barnsley FC Vs Burnley FC, Sunday 26 December 2010
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Ian Wilkinson

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Anonymous said...

Did you steal this gem from @BFCLewis or have it prepared?

Prepared. It came to light via but have noted the tweet via @BFCLewis. Thanks for following.