At 5 p.m. today, the Premier League management teams will have to name their 25-man squads. Eight have to be 'home grown', meaning they must have spent at least three years training with an English or Welsh professional club before they reached the age of 21.

A number of senior pros will simply not make the cut under the new rule changes, implying that the Championship may gain further stars, perhaps with the most notable to date being Craig Bellamy who recently tied up a deal with Cardiff City.

Thankfully Barnsley FC will not see any of our own established and promising talent leave permanently. With the loan window now the only major area to create change, MR has spoken about loans in and out a distinct possibility.

Under this tweak to the squad system, what will result from the potential influx from this "open" pot of talent?

On the one hand, many players may already be in the last throws of their current deal and this new twist may serve to create a shop-window for their next contract/deal. On the other, can clubs afford to pick-up the pieces of a demoralised professional, at the expense of their current crop's morale?

So for those awating the latest arrivals from the fringes of Everton, Birmingham City, Stoke City, Fulham, Sunderland or Bolton Wanderers, the system could be a generous gift if the player involved is motivated to move for the right reasons. But could the hype and speculation in reality be fools gold?

What's your opinion?

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Ian Wilkinson

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