I genuinely wonder what @DuncanBannatyne might think of this new product. The Metasox, is apparently a "shinpad for the foot". Erm no ...., that would be a footpad wouldn't it?

Apart from the story that a whole company grew out of a foot injury, which of course is infinitely better that MRSA or Gangrene, Nathan Doyle alongside our Academy players appear to have been utilised in helping develop this prototype.

Who says that the academy can't turn out a finished product? Metasox proves they can!

The marketing blurb goes in to some detail about the product and its development. You have to agree that the game has changed in style over the years to the extent that players are more susceptible to metatarsal injuries, but without coming over all "Parky", you can't kid me that "Skinner" Normanton didn't tread on a few feet at corners!

Perhaps the difference was that if you didn't play the following week, you didn't get paid, resulting in less reported occurances.

Good luck with the product, but when marketeers get to work on a problem which really isn't significant enough to solve, they can really spin you a yarn, can't they?

From Metasox, "In football your feet are your most important asset and protecting them should be a footballer's number one priority".

Surely talent, determination and a desire to win come before all else? But in my mind I can hear those clever marketeers retort, "But how could you even attempt all of those things if you couldn't even kick a ball?".

But I'm one step ahead of them. There's a vital flaw in their protection range and it's so obvious that I feel I must illustrate the point.

Your toe bone connected to your foot bone,
Your foot bone connected to your ankle bone,
Your ankle bone connected to your leg bone,
Your leg bone connected to your knee bone,
Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone,
Your thigh bone connected to your hip bone,
Your hip bone connected to your back bone,
Your back bone connected to your shoulder bone,
Your shoulder bone connected to your neck bone,
Your neck bone connected to your head bone,
I hear the word of the Lord!

Forget putting it all on the line then! and in Duncan Bannatyne's immortal words, for that reason... I'm out!

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