Okay, so I may not be writing in reference to the drubbing we received at QPR, but does that make me any less passionate or optimistic for the season ahead. I don't think so.

It wouldn't brighten up anyones day if I added my slant, neither would I be qualified to having only listened to the match. However, it would have been considered a good start to have gained a point on the road, so I see us only one point off target, one game down. Enough said!

Have you heard the latest rumour?

According the oracle that is Football Rumours, "Barnsley FC boss Mark Robins is poised to complete the signing of Wigan Athletic striker Jason Scotland in the next few days for £1.4m on a three and a half year deal".

Speculation occurs all the time, but it was one response that stopped me in my tracks. You've probably felt the same way I did, when you have also seen a badly researched comment that crops up whenever Barnsley FC are mentioned.

In response to the aforementioned rumour, one user has written, "Don't think so, thought Ipswich were after him, much more ambition and a lot richer".

I concur that according to SkySports, Ipswich seem to be close to signing Scotland.

Regarding ambition, how do you measure this? Could this be linked to the level of risk your prepared to take to achieve your aims?

If that is indeed the case, then maybe the comment is correct. Perhaps more clubs are prepared to demonstrate more ambition (risk) than us, but richer? Now let's see ...

Any Wednesdayite would claim to have more resources than your good old BFC, which as we know is entirely false. Furthermore in The Telegraph, Ipswich's debt had surpassed £35m.

Is that genuine wealth and riches? Let them have Scotland. Another weight on to an already over packed saddle and another hard-luck football club story.

Ambition indeed!
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Ian Wilkinson

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