Blogging differs quite a bit from a regular website in that most are operated by private individuals, unpaid, rather than corporates or businesses. I have tons of respect for the people who bother to start and publish a blog and do so because they feel passionate to constantly write about their subject.

Naturally, all of us probably hope that we find an audience and that what we are writing might touch a nerve or make someone smile.

For that reason, I am open to showcasing other blogs that I feel readers of may enjoy, perhaps as much as I do. Here, I review some of the sites that are currently featuring on my blog-list and invite readers of this site to follow them too.

Before I do, I think it's worth mentioning BarnsleyBill, who for me seemed to be a BlogSpot pioneer. Maybe he wasn't and although I haven't got to know him personally, I did enjoy the content that appeared on his blog over the many months I read it.

Perhaps a bit like my own aims, BB achieved some of my ambitions for OnThePontyEnd by bringing together a group of well humoured contributors who were all aiming to pool their opinions and thoughts together via a blog. Sadly, the site is no longer visible on Blogger. Gone, but not forgotten.

Barnsley FC | Full House Supporters Club

Okay, it's a bit of a cheeky one this, particularly as I'm a member and developed the site on a WordPress platform over a couple of idle days. That said, I do like to promote the site and the efforts of the members of the club on all of their activities.

This season, the Full House Supporters Club have been responsible for some fantastic fundraising activities including an Evening with John Hendrie which raised money for the likes of Help for Heroes, Army Benevolent Fund and also the local soldier Craig Wood

The highlight this season though would have to be the Player of The Season award which was presented to Daniel Bogdanovic in person. Here's hoping that similar efforts can continue throughout 2010/11.

Barnsley `til I Die

There's been numerous guises of this blog and writing from Oli for some time now. However, I would have to say that this present version is the best yet, packed with information, videos, articles and reader challenges galore!

What has always been refreshing is that Oli writes as a genuine fan. He doesn't flower up his opinions for the sake of it, often praise is due but equally so is critisism. Even if you don't always agree with his opinion, you can generally understand where he's coming from.

Recent news has it that he has launched yet a further blog for this summer's World Cup,  goodness knows where he finds the time, but clearly he enjoys blogging and this spills over in to how easy and fun a visit to Barnsley `til I Die continues to be. Well done fella, I-for-one will definitely keep coming back to this site to follow and read more!

Seeing Red

This Blog kicked off in January 2010, with the aim of publishing articles on "everything - the people we meet, the places we see, the points we may (or may not) win, and the whole experience that keeps us hooked on this beautiful game we follow so passionately".

In my opinion, Ponte End Tyke has achieved exactly that in every respect so far.

For me it offers a different experience of following the Reds than mine and that's something I'm always interested in reading or listening to. In particular, I enjoy the match reports thoroughly, partly because I often have a few pints with my mates after the game and never find the time to put my thoughts down on paper in time. Anyway, it all adds to the variety of information and articles written about the Reds, day-to-day and week-to-week.

All the best Ponte End Tyke, I'll keep visiting.

If there's something out there I've missed, let me know and I would be happy to visit and perhaps review those blogs at a later date. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the sites featured above.
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