Football League Bigwigs may be at it again in a further attempt to bring about parity amongst it's member clubs.

The latest television package, sold to Sky and BBC in November 2007, is worth £264m between 2009 to 2012. This works out at just over £1.2m per Football League club per season, with most of that amount going to Championship sides.

The prospects for Leagues One and Two therefore, at present seem particularly grim.

Allegedly, plans are being drawn up in preparation for negotiations on the next deal. It is suggested that the League could be set to re-adopt a system similar to the one which operated between 1921-1958 in the "old" third division; meaning that in effect two regional championship leagues (North & South) would be established from 2012-2013 season onwards.

As a major drive to help clubs economically; providing shorter distances to travel to away matches, gate revenues and attendances could also increase significantly. It also hoped that revenue distributed from any future television deal could be distributed far more proportionately amongst it's members.

The Champions of each League would be rewarded with automatic promotion to the Premier League, leaving just one single "Springboard" position to be fought for amongst the sides placed second, third, fourth and fifth in their respective Northern or Southern Leagues; thus creating a bumper play-off system from Quarter Finals right down to the Wembley "Springboard Promotion Final".

In a further highly complicated twist, in season one, relegation places would be highly dependent on the influx of teams dropping out of the Premier League. Theoretically, three teams from the North would effectively force the relegation of three Northern teams in to the football league basement.

As a potential trapdoor, in respect to clubs up North, promotion places from the bottom division in season two onwards would be highly dependent on the influx of relegated Northern Premier League sides first.

Confusingly in this instance, two down, would trigger a play-off system for survival between the four bottom "Championship North" teams, with the winning finalists saved. Whilst the losing finalists would get a second shot at survival versus the highest placed, regional member, from the bottom division.

No doubt, there could be some major complications with this system, with many current established championship teams being frozen out in the basement of the football league for many seasons to come, whilst others now in League One would gain the automatic spoils of the new regional system.

Could we expect more foreign ownership with Oligarks in at Oldham, Yanks in at Yeovil and Indian Billionaires at Ipswich, all chasing the spoils of new TV and Online Revenue?

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