A little known space of all the pages of the site is the "Featured Video" section.

Regularly, this space has been used to mainly feature music videos that are widely available on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo and have generally been tracks from bands in my music collection or brand new releases that I wanted to promote a little bit.

Out there, there are many talented "home" producers of work relating to Barnsley FC and if you have an opportunity why not take a look at the YouTube Channels of toptyke, pontyender, stuartmoss and tykestv1.

Whilst many of these productions haven't generally gone in to the featured section, the work may have appeared in many of the previous posts on this site. For that, I'm grateful to all of those named and those who may not be named who have allowed this site to showcase just some examples of their videos in the past and maybe the future too.

If you have a local band and are looking for local and sometimes wider exposure, get in touch and we would be delighted to show your work in this section, with a mention in an article or two via the site.

Also, if you have any material, which can easily be embedded via YouTube or similar, let us know what it is and where it's hosted, we can do the rest.

The only requirement is that the video must be of local (Barnsley) interest; it could relate to Music, Football or Local Community information. Simply > Get In Touch Here
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Ian Wilkinson

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