Have you ever forgotten the source or site of an interesting article or can't remember where you read it or how long ago it was written. Well, there's a fantastic feature embedded in to the sidebar of this blog which might be able to provide the answer.

"Search This Blog" is powered by Google and it's no ordinary search engine. It's set to work over four search areas, making it probably one of the most concise and comprehensive tools to dig out any information you are seeking on Players, Staff and related articles to Barnsley Football Club.

More so ... it's dead easy to use! Remember, look down the right hand sidebar of the site, it's just above the "Visitors Globe". Trial it out for yourself.

The "Super Engine", in the first instance delivers related content and articles, specifically matched to your search query within this site (fig.2).

At the users request, the engine also provides a filter of results, giving you the option to find related information from any site that is linked to OnThePontyEnd.com (fig.3)

The engine also provides a further filter to find related articles and other content from other Barnsley FC related blogs within this site's blog-list (fig.4)

Before finally presenting the type of typical search results you might normally see from Google.co.uk, and again this is at the users discretion if they wish to filter results this way (fig.5)

Go on ... try this feature for yourself. Hopefully, this allows you to search for literally tons of Barnsley FC related information, all from one single resource. Enjoy!
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Ian Wilkinson

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