What exactly is a Google Group?
According to Wikipedia:

Google Groups is a service from Google that supports discussion groups, including many Usenet (worldwide distributed Internet discussion system) newsgroups, based on common interests.

Membership in Google Groups is free of charge and many groups are anonymous. Users can find discussion groups related to their interests and participate in threaded conversations, either through a web interface or by e-mail. They can also start new groups.

Opening a Google Group for users of OnThePontyEnd.com is to ensure that both vibrant conversation and feedback can flow amongst Reds fans, regardless of time zone, country border or medium, with the advantage also that it allows access to the Group directly via email.

Join Other Barnsley FC Fans:

With the use of smartphones on the increase, you won't even need a browser to keep in touch and have your thoughts aired on the Blog, Podcast or any other issue you may want to open up.

This is the brand new group created exclusively for Barnsley FC fans, readers of OnThePontyEnd.com, and listeners of the Podcast. Here we really want to create a buzz amongst the community of Reds followers around the world.

Get involved, take part in the discussions and also receive regular updates from the site.

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