I thought it was about time I crawled out from underneath my stone to bear witness to my musings of 11 days ago. My goodness, how wrong I got it all, but surely nobody would have expected such a Davey-esque run on the fixtures we had, would they?

An away win at Middlesborough may have been slightly cocky, but rational based on form and other factors at the Riverside. But the Championship Mule really booted our chops at Oakwell last Saturday with the most dismal display I can remember for some time.

I'm told that a win at Scunny was probably the most likely outcome for the Reds on play, but our lack of finishing prowess was again frustrating and ultimately led to our demise in stoppage time.

What's the answer? I don't know, but lead that Mule with a Carrot or two all the way to Cardiff and let's see if it fancies giving someone else "the booit" instead.

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Ian Wilkinson

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